The Top 4 Custom Chrome Plating Projects

The decline of chromium plating in the United States has paved the way for the most reputable and the most experienced of shops to shine, and you can be rest assured that chrome plating is still very much alive. If you are not familiar, chrome plating actually enables a piece of metal to be outfitted with a chrome covering to add both durability and a better aesthetic. Once the piece of metal is cleaned, it will be able to accept the chromium and this plating will serve a number of different purposes, from protecting the metal beneath, to simply being a decorative addition.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 chrome plating projects:

Classic Car Fenders

On any car, particularly the older models, the fender is not only the most visible part of the automobile, but also the part that takes the most abuse. Exposed to the elements, a fender will eventually become rusted and possibly destroyed, but on a classic car, this can be avoided with a coat of chromium. For a project of this type, however, it will be important that you apply a thicker coat to promote protection.

Motorcycle Fuel Tanks

Just as with fenders, the fuel tank is without a doubt one of the most visible parts of the vehicle apart from the rims and handlebars, meaning a coat of chromium is a great idea. Will you have better protection? You’ll have a much flashier fuel tank, and in some cases it will be closer to what the manufacturer had in mind.


Admittedly, you probably do not think of appliances when you consider items for custom chrome plating coating, but there are many appliances and hand utensils around the home that can certainly use it. For example, many toasters are coated with chrome already and can sometimes use a touch-up. In addition to that, if you have a decorative bottle opener, you may choose to have it plated simply to preserve it for years to come.


Finally we come to one of the lesser-known reasons for applying chrome plating. Most people will simply replace fixtures around their home, such as the kitchen sink faucet or the bathroom, but if you like the look and want it to stand the test of time, there is nothing wrong with applying a coat of chrome. Generally this is a decorative improvement so you will only need a thin coat, but the result is something that you simply cannot argue with.

These are four highly popular custom chrome plating projects. From the garage to the house, you can expect chrome to enhance the life of your metal appliances and accessories. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

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