Before you can get started on a car restoration, you have to first step back and assess what needs to be completed so that you can properly plan out the entire restoration process. You don’t want to miss an important detail after you have finished a paint job or discover that the car looks wonderful, but will not start. This is why you need to take a time out and review the car inside and out to complete a full list of what needs done.

You might start by looking inside of the interior of a car, taking special note of the seats to see if they are worn or old. It is possible sometimes to get used seats that fit your car from a junkyard, but you can always recover them if this is not an option.

While calling around to the junkyards, you might always want to think about your auto chrome restoration and consider if you will need any items. Take a look at the headliner to see if it is torn or hanging down. Check over the carpet in the vehicle the exact same way. If you are not comfortable repairing these items sometimes a detail shop can help.

While looking at the interior, make sure to check the dashboard for cracks and the rubbers that line the trunk, window, trunk, and hood for cracks. If you find any cracks, you are going to have to look for rust that may have occurred as a result in the side or floor panels.

Move to the exterior of the vehicle and look for scratches and dents that you can fill in or pound out. Before starting your classic car chrome restoration, you might want to think about painting the entire automobile with black primer because this makes it easier to see the scratches and dents. You can remove it later on in the process.

Finally, open up the engine and take a close look to make sure that everything works

without any leaks. Here you will likely have chrome plating restoration that will help make the entire engine look much shinier. You may also want to replace all rubber gaskets and belts if the vehicle has not been driven for awhile.

This is just a brief list, and you may have more to add once you start looking around the vehicle, but the trick is to be thorough and write down every single thing on a car that needs attention.

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