Timeless Beauty: The 1955 Chrysler 300

If there’s a Chrysler that stands above all others, that grips emotions like few other cars can, and that has a history as rich as the Hemi V8 that powers it, that Chrysler would have to be the 300.

The original Chrysler 300 was the brainchild of Robert MacGregor Rodger, Chrysler’s Chief Engineer in the 1950s. He envisioned a car that would be worthy of the all-new Hemi V8, modified with redesigned lifters and dual carburetors.

The Hemi had only been introduced in ’51, but the engineers at Chrysler were confident that they could produce 300hp from a standard configuration, and they weren’t wrong.

The Launch of the 300

The 300 launched as a production model in 1955. It was a looker, and more importantly, it was one of the quickest cars on the road at the time. It could make the 0 – 60 mph sprint in less than 10 seconds, and would go on to a top speed of 130 mph.

It was beautiful, luxurious inside, and it handled like a dream. The front grille was lavishly adorned, much like the custom chrome plating that classic car enthusiasts seek today.

The heavy-duty suspension made the car feel sportier than it had any right to be. As the most powerful production car of its time, it exceeded all expectations.

The Classic Chrysler 300

The original 300 is a classic today, and its namesake has lived on in some equally impressive models. Today, Chrysler is into the 10th generation of the 300. The 2015 facelift model sports aggressive styling for a larger and more muscular appearance than the 60-year-old original, but the 6.4L Hemi V8 in the flagship SRT-8 evokes the tradition of the past, albeit with 170 more horsepower, and all the modern technology that Chrysler has to offer.

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