If you love the way chrome powder coat wheels look, keep reading for the top four reasons why powder coating is a good choice. First, let’s go over the basics of what it is and how it is done to bring you up to speed on the process.

A mixture of color pigments and chemical curatives is ground into a substance that resembles baking flour. This flour-like mix is sprayed onto a surface via an electrostatic sprayer. As a result of adding an electric charge to the mixture as it is being sprayed the powder bonds completely to the surface it’s sprayed onto. In addition to the electrostatic charge, the surface is cured in a high-heat environment to make the adhesion even stronger.

Environmentally Friendly
Powder coating automotive services uses a process that produces no waste. When compared to a conventional liquid coating process powder coating is very eco-friendly.

Easy to Apply
Powder coating differs from the traditional liquid coating in that it is more forgiving in the application process. This means a small mistake is not noticeable and can easily be blended away where as a mistake using a liquid coating creates drips that can be time consuming and costly to repair.

You will not have to worry about the finish with powder coating. It is usually considered stronger and more resistant to damage than liquid finishes.

As mentioned earlier, powder coating is eco-friendly in that it associated with almost zero waste. This translates into dollars for the consumer. When applying the powder coat any over-spray can be collected and reused or recycled. With no waste, the overall costs of the process are lessened.

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