Top Common Mistakes in Chrome Plating

Top Mistakes People Make in Chrome PlatingThe art of chrome plating is not one to be left to just any amateur. The intricate process consists of electroplating a thin layer of chromium to a clean piece of metal. In its most basic form, chromium is used for two main purposes: industrial (or Hard Chrome) and decorative. Decorative chrome can be customized and tailored to embellish vehicle accessories; this is the most common variation of decorative chrome, which can be found on the majority of truck accessories.

Mistakes People Make with Chrome Plating

Some costly reoccurring mistakes people make include bringing in pitted pieces of die-cast, such as quarter windows or wing window frames, to be plated in chrome. The plating loses definition when a shop has to grind away pitting and also requires the shop to put in several more prep hours to get the job done. In addition, when new chrome is added to die-cast, it is more likely to pit due to the contamination of the older metal. It is also important to consider that outside elements such as moisture and road salt may cause corrosion, and inevitably pitting.

Choosing the Right Chrome Plating Shop

When considering having chrome added to your accessories, it is essential to consider doing in depth research on chrome plating shops instead of solely depending on word of mouth. It is best to consider referrals and online reviews when choosing your shop. Perhaps scoping out examples of a chrome plating shop’s chrome work will allow you to make a better decision of which shop to have your chrome projects done.

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  1. Alise Harper says:

    I was thinking of getting decorative chrome to do some customized accessories for my car. I had no idea that chrome plating was so technical and could lead to lots of costly mistakes. I will definitely look into getting it professionally done so it can be done right. Thanks for the information!

  2. It’s good to know that decorative chrome plating can be made to fit very specific needs. I’ve heard a bit about hard chrome as well and I wonder if it is able to be tailored to fit certain applications in the same way. Either way, I think it’s great that we have a material like chrome that can help protect our metals from corrosion and other wear.

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