What Is Black Chrome?

Chrome is made by the electroplating an outer coating of chromium to another metal such as steel or aluminum. The surface to be chrome plated immersed in an acid bath along with an anode metal. Direct current electricity is applied; this makes chromium ions to adhere to the surface of the metal. Before the chrome is electroplated, copper and nickel layers are applied to the metal.

Black chrome plating takes a high polish and possesses a depth that is not evident in other chrome finishes. The copper and nickel undercoating makes hard and durable black chrome finishes resistant to rust and corrosion. Highly polished black chrome is often used as a decorative surface for automobile and motorcycle parts and household faucets. Telescope and microscope manufacturers often use matte finish black chrome on parts to reduce reflectivity.
Before chrome, electroplating, metal objects must be thoroughly cleaned. Before the copper and nickel coating is applied, the part is immersed in an electrostatic bath to remove heavy soil. It must be cleaned once more by hand to get rid of any residual dirt and surface impurities. After cleaning, the part is ready for black chrome plating to be applied.
Electroplating process requires attention to safety because the chemicals involved are highly caustic and are often carcinogenic. Complying with environmental protection standards for safely using these chemicals can make black chrome plating more expensive than other types of finish.

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