Black chrome motorcycle rims are certainly in high demand this season. It could be because CCI’s black chrome plating takes on a high polish and deeper shimmer that you just can’t get with regular chrome. Or maybe it is just because a Suzuki Hayabusa with black chrome rims just looks that much tougher on the road. We think it is because CCI’s black chrome plating service is a superior product that is stronger than many of the other product outs there, especially nickel plating, which for many years was sold as black chrome.

CCI’s black chrome plating service is real chrome plating, not nickel plating. Our copper and nickel builds a hard and durable black chrome finish. Like CCI’s traditional shiny chrome, black chrome is also very scratch resistant. We can plate any part with black chrome and black chrome can make contract with intricate hard-to-reach areas on parts that regular chrome cannot reach. We even keep a stock of some of the most popular motorcycle rims on hand for chrome motorcycle rims exchange. This program allows our customers to send in their undamaged cores along with a deposit and we will send you a pair of black chrome rims. How is that for a shorter lead times! Please give our sales team a call at 1 888.327.4189 and take a look at some pics our black chrome motorcycle parts.

2 Responses to What is the Big Deal about Black Chrome Rims?

  1. Steven Terry says:

    I have a 2004 VRSCA V-Rod that has solid wheel rims that are chromed. The chrome is starting to blister and a bike like this deserves better. Is it possible to exchange my rims for a set of rims black chromed, or can I get my present rims re-finished?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, we can replate your wheels now with our new black chrome. Check out our updated photos of Harley wheels on our black chrome page!

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