Chrome wheels will lose some of their splendid appearance with the passage of time. From slight wear to serious deterioration, chrome wheels will sooner or later need a professional touch.

Chrome rim restoration is much more affordable than buying new wheels, which is why many people opt for the procedure.

It’s important to keep in mind that chrome rim repairs are highly specialized. A number of steps have to be followed for the processing of a wheel that is already chrome plated. Thus, finding the right experts for the job will be determining for the outcome.

When Do I Need Chrome Rim Repairs?

Depending on the damage that the wheel has incurred, it can either be refinished or restored completely. Less than perfect roads, potholes and careless driving can all contribute to some damage.

Before chrome rim repair takes place, the exact degree of damage will have to be assessed. Professionals in the field will photograph and catalogue the rim to evaluate its condition and select the restoration procedure that will deliver the best results.

The Chrome Rim Repair Process

Professionals will apply decorative chrome plating over the wheel, bringing it back to the original appearance.

Depending on the extent of the damage, either one or two plating cycles will be needed to provide complete coverage.

Since the purpose of this chrome rim restoration procedure is purely decorative, only the exterior window area and the face of the wheel are treated for shine. Polishing and buffering that make the surface shiny follow re-chroming.

Upon a client request, both the front and the back part of the re-chromed wheel can be polished and buffered. Such procedures are great for show cars and though the treatment of the whole surface is costlier, the results will be exceptionally long-lived.

It’s very important to keep in mind that wheel re-chroming is going to produce solely a “cosmetic” finish. The procedure doesn’t affect the structure or the condition of the wheel itself. Repair and restoration are perfect for visible imperfections that diminish the visual appeals of the wheels and take away from the impeccable appearance of the automobile.

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