The chroming process is different for each type of material that is chromed. There is a protective layer applied between the material and the final chrome coating. Copper is used for this protective layer due to it being a non-ferrous metal. In addition to adding a protective layer, the copper also fills any imperfections in the material.

Classic Components, Inc., or otherwise known as South Bay Chrome, has been providing high-quality automotive chrome plating as well as motorcycle chrome plating since 1986. We provide service for wheels, motorcycle frames and swingarms and other small components. In addition to this, they also do chrome plating and electroplating on both magnesium and plastic parts.

Some shops will use nickel instead of copper for the protective layer. This is a cheaper way of chrome plating but also not a high-quality job.

The protective layer of copper is one of the most important steps in the process chrome plating. All the imperfections on the surface of the material being chrome plated must be removed to allow proper bonding of the nickel. The nickel acts as the final coat in which the chrome is applied to.

We use both semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chrome for our chrome plating process. The same process is applied to both motorcycle chrome plating and automotive chrome plating. A 24-step process is done to assure a quality finish. When the final result is black chrome, the same process is done just adding one more step to the end adding the black finish. Welding, filling and repair and restoration service is also available at an additional fee.

We do not subcontract any of our work out. This provides use the ability to control the quality of the chrome plating. Be careful of other companies misplacing your parts or the work not being the quality promised do to companies using subcontractors.

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