Chrome wheels can instantly give a sports bike or a cruiser more class. However, the process of finding a proper wheel at a good price can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, because several procedures must be implemented when selecting certain wheels, the shopping process can be confusing too. If you cannot find a quality wheel, this guide will help you choose an ideal wheel for your bike.

In Stock Chrome Plated Wheels

CCI offers more than 300 sets of wheels that have chrome finishes. If you contact us, we will have a good option for you in stock. Our staff sells chrome wheels for Harley Davidson bikes and other popular brands.

Participate in the Chrome Wheel Exchange Program

Our company has a chrome wheel exchange program. Consumers can participate by following a few simple steps.

The first method involves calling us and making a simple deposit. We always ship our products on the day that we get the cash. However, when you receive your tires, the deposit will be refunded.

If you prefer another method, we can send you the tires first without a deposit. However, you must request our exchange service when you fill out the order form. Our staff will ship the chrome wheels the next business day after the application process is completed.

Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Exchange – Our Terms

Consumers who use our wheel exchange service pay a $50 fee. For another $15, our team can remove the bearings on every wheel. Our staff will only process wheels that have no physical damage. All exchanges must be processed no later than 20 business days.

Let Classic Chrome Plating help you get the wheels you need for summer riding. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189 for our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program.


Some damaged wheels can be repaired. Consumers need to know what type of wheel damage is repairable in order to save money on replacements and how to avoid damaging your wheels.

How to Avoid Damaging Wheels

Drivers should avoid damaging wheels when possible. This means avoiding potholes and other obstructions that normally damage tires. This includes driver activity like scraping wheel on curbs.

A lesser-known method for avoiding wheel damage is to maintain the proper tire pressure especially in lower profile tires. This action will also improve gas mileage, handling and reduce tire wear. Reducing tire wears means that the owner will have to replace the expensive tires less often.

Have Your Rims Inspected to Avoid Damage

People should have their rims inspected periodically because some damage is unavoidable. However, most damage is repairable. This is true even if a significant amount of metal is missing.

How Wheels are Repaired with Chrome Rim Restoration

Small incursions are repaired with welding techniques. These techniques are also utilized in damage resulting from worn rims or potholes. The most common form of welding rims is Aluminum TIG welding, but some damage is too dangerous to repair. Rims with multiple cracks or fractures on the scope of the rime are unsuitable for repair and must be replaced.

Economical Alternatives if Your Wheel is Damaged Beyond Repair

Economical alternatives to full replacements are aftermarket wheels. Places with frigid climates that propagate many potholes may be unsuitable for the lowest profile tires and largest diameter rims because more cushion is needed to absorb the rough driving conditions. Be sure to consult professionals when considering new wheels to be sure that installations do not affect vulnerable parts of the vehicle like the brakes and suspension.

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The Plating Process for Black Chrome

When consumers update their bikes with a material that has a distinct finish, they usually buy black chrome plating. The chrome has a reflective look, which provides a lot of depth. Typically, most motorcycle enthusiasts apply the plating on wheels and on exhaust pipes because the installation cost is low. Besides bikes, this kind of plating can be applied to household fixtures and novelty gadgets, such as a telescope.

The Plating Process for Black Chrome

The first procedures are implemented when the plating doesn’t have its black color because the surfaces must be cleaned and prepped inside of an electrostatic cleansing device. During this stage of the manufacturing process, copper and nickel materials are attached to the surfaces. The black chrome plating is applied to the metal at the end of the plating process.

The black tint occurs after the chemical compounds are modified. All materials are hazardous, so workers must use special equipment to manufacture black chrome plating wheels. Because the machinery is not cheap, retailers usually sell black chrome plating at high prices.

Consumers who cannot afford black chrome plating can give their bikes a glossy black look by pursuing alternative options. Painting the wheels is the cheapest solution. However, you must buff each layer so that the wheels will have a smooth finish. The only disadvantage is the paint will not remain on the wheels for a long time.

To achieve the best results, you must repaint the wheels whenever the paint begins to flake. If you have good automotive skills, you should apply a powder coating because it is a more efficient solution.

How to Get Black Chrome Plating Wheels

Let Classic Chrome Plating handle your black chrome plating projects on wheels, parts, and more. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189.


Industries use a large number of equipment and machines to fashion, refine and construct their products. The efficiency and quality of the machines they utilize are key to profitability and business expansion. Preventing malfunctions is a highly important aspect of any company, and industrial chrome plating services are the best option to prevent malfunctions.

How Chrome Plating Protects Industrial Equipment

Chrome plating works in several important ways to protect industrial equipment. The first is to reduce the amount of friction between pieces within the machines. All machines exist as a series of interlocking pieces, the more complex the task, the more complex the machine.

With increasing complexity, more and more pieces rub and interact to allow for maximum friction. Unless the joints and surfaces are perfectly smooth, the friction may lead to wear within the components of the machine, eventually requiring replacement parts or else they run the risk of device failure.

Chrome plating is the most cost effective means to reduce the friction between parts, greatly decreasing the cost of replacing and fixing components.

Benefit to Chrome Plating Equipment

The second benefit to chrome plating is to reduce the requirements for regular cleaning and maintenance. Chrome plating does not acquire as much dirt, and is easier to clean than normal machine pieces. Less accumulation means that equipment can function longer and more reliably without stopping for maintenance. This increase in run times leads to more product and more profit.

Even plastic machines undergo stress and friction, although plastic provides similar benefits to chrome. However, chrome plating is a viable alternative to plastic machine pieces as well.

Let Classic Chrome Plating perform industrial chrome plating services for your equipment. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189.