About the Company

Classic Components, Inc. and subsidiary South Bay Chrome provide customers with over 75 years of combined chrome plating service industry experience! We can help you get a quality chrome plating job completed. Whether you are looking to chrome out your bike, restore a classic car or have a special industrial plating application, we’ve got you covered.


What We Do

Chrome Plating Service for Wheels

We specialize in chrome plating most styles of automobile and motorcycle wheels and parts. Our goal is to provide fast service with a superior, show-quality finish.

In addition to chrome plating wheels, we also specialize in small components, swing arms and frames. We also offer traditional electroplating service on plastic and magnesium parts. We can handle almost any part, including automotive center caps, plastic motorcycle parts and magnesium engine covers. We also serve a variety of industrial plating needs.
Our chrome plating company offers more than just plating. Classic also offers a chrome wheel exchange service on many late-model sportbike, cruiser, and Harley-Davidson wheels. Please call for pricing and availability.
Repair service is also available: count on Classic for welding, cosmetic wheel straightening and general repair service and fabrication.


Industry Leading Chrome Plating Company

Motorcycle Chrome Plating Service

All Chrome Plating Shops are NOT the Same! What sets us apart from the rest?

The difference between standard chrome plating service job and a top of the line plating job is the ability to chrome a variety of wheel styles. We chrome most aftermarket and original equipment wheels. Please call if you have any special styles such as two-piece wheels-we may be able to assist you. We also re-chrome wheels. Please call for further details.

Response Time: When you need your chrome plating service done fast, done well and with a great finish, you need to call us at 1.888.327.4189. In most cases we will be able to complete your plating in as little as 2 weeks time, depending on wheel styles and time of year.

Quality: Just ask a Classic Components customer…our quality is first rate. We take special care in our chrome preparation, polishing and chemical processes to assure you receive the quality you deserve.


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Nationwide Chrome Plating Company & Service Leader

Classic Chrome Plating is a nationwide leader in chrome plating. Our company has over 75 years of combined experience that we bring to our projects. We provide top notch, quality chrome plating service. Our motorcycle, automotive, and classic car chrome plating has been featured on major TV shows and in magazines. We make it easy for you to work with our chrome plating company and receive quality show finish with our 24-step process.