Chrome Plating Process

Our chrome plating process utilizes semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chromium within a 24-step procedure. This ensures you are receiving the best quality plating job possible. Black Chrome is plated with the same process but with a different final black stage added.

Additional restoration service, welding, filling and repair is also available at an additional cost.

We perform all work in-house and can control quality accordingly. Be aware of other companies who portray themselves to be actual plating shops but really subcontract out their work. This increases the chance of your parts being misplaced and processed improperly at substandard quality.


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Check out this VIDEO: CCI Auto Wheel Chrome Plating Process

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Ogden Chrome Plating, is a chrome plating company that provides motorcycle and automotive chrome plating on wheels, parts, bumpers and restoration. Our chrome plating service provides a quality show finish using our 24-step process.