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Bicycle and Scooter Chrome Plating Service

Want a different look for your bike? Try our bicycle chrome plating for a sleek, shiny finish. Our chrome plating service uses a 24-step process to produce the show-quality finish you enjoy.

Not sure if your bicycle can be chromed?

Mild steel can be chrome plated without a problem. Another metal that can be chrome plated is aluminum. All parts, including the chain and frame can receive bicycle chrome plating for extra shine. With our chrome plating service, we also can help our customers with the custom chrome plating look you want for your bicycle.

Our chrome plating is backed by over 75 years of combined experience for any chrome project. Classic Components offers nationwide service across the United States and has the ability and expertise to chrome your bicycle project.

Contact us at 1.888.327.4189 to request a quote on bicycle chrome plating.