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Black Chrome Wheels: Auto and MC Chrome Plating Services Information & Pricing

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Many of us have seen or heard of black chrome. It’s been around for years. But what most people don’t know is that traditional black chrome really isn’t (or wasn’t) chrome at all! In order to achieve the black chrome look, most metal finishers are selling oxidized nickel plating. This finish produces a darker nickel with a brown or yellow hue and requires a clear coat to prevent the nickel from discoloring and further oxidation.

Classic Components is now offering true black chrome plating. The CCI black chrome finish has several advantages:

    • It does not require a clear coat so the finished product will not discolor or scratch like other black nickel finishes;
    • CCI black chrome has the capability of covering hard to reach areas and parts that are normally difficult to chrome plate;
    • Parts that are currently finished in bright chrome and are in good condition can be partially stripped and black chrome plated without the need to purchase new parts.


Classic Components is currently offering black chrome on wheels, parts, frames and swing arms. Wheel prices are listed on the website. All other parts are priced with a 40% additional charge over the traditional chrome price lists.

Get True Black Chrome Plating

Motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts alike have an appreciation for chrome decorative metal accessories and artistic objects. For those who are looking for something a little different, black chrome plating is available as an alternative to the standard chrome brilliant polished finish.

One difference in using black chrome is that you have a choice of a dull or polished finish as a result of using this process. Depending on the item being highlighted, you might want to consider using black chrome to display the overall qualities of the article. Black chrome has the same weather resistant qualities as chrome plating. You might want to consider using the black chrome plating alternative for your next project, whether you want black chrome rims or parts.

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