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Classic Components, Inc. Provides Powder Coating Rims and Custom Powder Coating for Motorcycles and Automotives

Classic Components, Inc. provides powder coating rims for automotive and motorcycle rims and parts. We have completed automotive and motorcycle powder coating projects. Our custom powder coating and chrome plating service offers over 75 years of combined industry experience. We strive to provide fast, quality service for all of your chrome plating projects.

When it comes to powder coating auto rims, there are several reasons to choose this way of styling your rims. Powder coated rims are environmentally friendly as a form of modification. Because powder coating does not obtain any harsh solvents, it does not cause damage to the earth as other modification solutions do.

Here are a few additional reasons to select candy chrome coating onto your rims, motorcycle parts, and more.

It acts as a shield for your motorcycle powder coating, car, or rims. This form of coating is durable and resistant to scrapes, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. You can also choose from a variety of different colors and finishes. It is also more resistant to issues such as moisture, chemicals, and the sun so fading is not an issue when it comes to powder coating.

Think of it this way, you will be saving more money by going choosing powder coating opposed to other methods. Not only is this a better investment, but your wheels will look nice for a long time.

Classic Components offers nationwide service across the United States and has the ability and expertise to candy chrome your project.

Contact us at 1.888.327.4189 to request a quote on powder coating rims or automotive and motorcycles and parts.