Chrome Plating Classic Cars and Automotives

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Over 75 Years of Experience of Chrome Plating Automotive and Classic Cars

Classic Chrome Plating offers chrome plating service with experience earned for more than 75 years. We provide automotive chrome plating for wheels, bumpers, parts, plastic, and restoration services.

Classic Chrome Plating brings a showroom finish to its projects. Our work has been featured on top TV shows and in industry leading magazines. In addition to being a chrome plating company, we provide repair for wheels and restorative chrome plating.

We provide quality in all of our projects, as well as fast turnaround service. To improve the look of your vehicle, we can chrome plate just about any accessory, including smaller accents like covers over gas caps, trim pieces around doors, handles, and any other accessory. Contact us at 888-327-4189 to start your chrome plating project today!