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Above are the chrome plating price lists for many of the sportbike, Harley Davidson and metric cruiser motorcycle parts and rims. Besides chrome plated motorcycle rims we keep in stock swingarms and other parts for purchase or chrome exchange. Our lineup of motorcycle parts makes and models include Suzuki Hayabusa, GSXR 1000, Honda Goldwing (GL1880), Suzuki M-109, Harley Wagon Wheel, and many more. CCI’s keeps a large stock of Hayabusa chrome parts, GSXR parts, Hayabusa chrome wheels, Honda Goldwing parts, custom Bagger parts, chrome Harley wheel and chrome Harley Davidson aftermarket parts on hand for exchange and purchase. Please call us for availability and pricing.

Classic Components, Inc. provides quality show-finish motorcycle chrome plating

Chrome plating for motorcycles makes it possible to put a shiny chrome finish over your whole bike, or focus attention on the rims.

There are some steps that are usually followed for custom chrome plating wheels. Our 24-step process provides a superior, show-quality finish for motorcycle chrome plating.

Classic Components provides custom chrome plating of parts and rims on motorcycles, along with restoration services. We offer specialized chrome plating of plastics for motorcycle parts you want to have chrome plated.

Offering more than 75 total years of service in the chrome plating industry, Classic Components specializes in show-quality finishes for motorcycle chrome plating wheels, restoration projects, bumpers, parts, and accessories.