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Classic Chrome Plating offers traditional electroplating services on plastic, fiberglass and magnesium parts. We can handle almost any part, including automotive center caps, plastic motorcycle parts and magnesium engine covers. Shape and flexibility of the part may be a factor – please email us for more information.

                                       – A Note Regarding Plastic Chrome Plating Imperfections –

Classic Chrome Plating makes every effort to avoid processing plastic parts that contain blemishes or imperfections. Often, we strip and will use electroplating services to chrome parts numerous times to achieve a presentable product. Unfortunately, plastic plating is extremely difficult to do and we cannot guarantee your finished product will be completely free of any imperfections, small bubbles or irregularities.

In the event serious imperfections are noted, we will make every attempt to stop plating your items and notify you. When common problems exist, however, we will proceed with the electroplating process as usual.

Thank you for your cooperation and please let us know if you have any questions.


How Plastic Chrome Plating and Electroplating Services Work

Modern techniques of electroplating services to non-metal and plastic surfaces have evolved, but still reflect industry and time-proven methods.

These are the basic processing steps performed by Classic Chrome Plating when electroplating non metallic surfaces:

  1. Thorough application of acid with a chrome base prepares the surface for electroplating services.
  1. Neutralization and removal of excess acid exposes a ready surface for plastic chrome plating.
  2. Initiate chroming process on the prepared non-metal surface with a specialized proprietary conductive coating. The core elements of the solution will later form a lasting bond and catalyst for sure electrolysis between copper and nickel in the final chroming process.
  3. Copper and nickel are the two main metals used in final chrome plating service when all preparations have been made. The base coating of nickel, through electrolysis, creates a surface on any material that is properly prepared to assimilate a final chrome coat.

This entire process is simply a way to give an object, made of some other material than metal, the ability to handle an electrical current. Once a surface has become conductive, it can then undergo receive chrome coating. In the great majority of chroming projects, copper electroplating is used to form a shell that is soft and can expand with heat during the process

Electroplating Services

Classic Components, Inc. provides electroplating services on auto, motorcycle parts, and more. With our chrome plating service, you receive over 75 years of combined experience for a sleek and shiny plastic chrome plating finish. Contact us at 1.888.327.4189 to request a quote on plastic chrome plating.