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Detailed Price List: Auto & MC Chrome Plating Services Information & Pricing

Bumper Restoration Chrome Plating Services Information & Pricing


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Classic Chrome Plating/South Bay Chrome are the leaders in restoration services of classic car bumpers and parts as well as other vintage vehicles, bikes and motorcycles. In order to achieve the highest quality chrome service possible, South Bay Chrome’s multi-layer process includes the following when working on a restoration-type project:

    1. If necessary and agreed upon by the customer, parts are welded, repaired and straightened and filled by hand.
    2. Parts are then machined and/or hand polished depending on the type and condition of the part.
    3. Parts are cleaned, activated and electroplated with a special proprietary nickel.
    4. Parts are electroplated with copper.
    5. Parts are copper buffed and if necessary, copper plated again to level out imperfections in the material or casting.
    6. Parts are once again cleaned, activated and bright nickel-plated.
    7. Parts are electroplated in chromium (chrome).

Standard strip, polish and plating (non-restoration) services are available at a reduced cost for parts that do not require repair or full restoration. Please be sure to specify what service you require and mark all of your parts for imperfections or damage if you expect it to be restored. Please see our Automotive page for photos of completed restoration projects. Compare our bumper prices to other custom chrome shops and you will not be disappointed! Our quality workmanship isn’t expensive. It’s priceless!


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Our Chrome Plating Restoration Services

At Classic Chrome Plating, we can provide various deep and high quality repair, cleaning, and refinishing to restore motorcycle, car components, and more services These works may include:

  • Bumpers – restoration can remove rust, repair dents, and replace rotted areas
  • Grilles – antique cars and trucks get pitted grilles repaired and refinished
  • Pot Metal – pitted cast metal parts are repaired and refinished for antique cars and trucks
  • Stainless Steel – after straightening, polishing, and buffing, a chrome-like finish is applied to maintain the look of chrome over the durability of the stainless steel
  • Aluminum Trim – original finish can be achieved seamlessly after straightening, polishing, and re-anodizing the trim

Want to repair your classic auto or motorcycle back to its original condition? Classic Chrome Plating, Inc. provides full service chrome plating restoration for classic car chrome restoration and motorcycle chrome restoration services. We are one of North America’s leading chrome plating shops with over 75 years of experience for chrome plating show-quality finish. Contact us at 1.888.327.4189 to request a quote on restoration services for automobiles and motorcycles.