5 Chrome Plating Classic Car Projects

Custom Chrome Plating the Classics

Highly decorative, protective, and with the ability to transform your classic automobile in to a true head turner, chrome plating your rims and other hardware is a project worth doing. If you’re the owner of a classic car, there’s unlimited potential to restore and add style with chrome. Classic Components Inc. is the perfect detailer to reveal the looks that your vehicle deserves. Let’s take a look at three of our recent projects. Who knows, maybe yours could be next?



Thank you Gary M. from  Clearwater, Florida for these great pictures of your 2007 Mazda MX-5.  Classic Chrome Plating chrome plated the rear plastic wing spoiler.  The part arrived to us in raw form.  Classic wet sanded, prepped, primered, metalized and triple chrome plated the wing with great results:


It is no accident that Classic Components and our subsidiary South Bay Chrome have over 75 years of combined chrome plating services experience. We have been providing a top quality product along with outstanding customer service since 1986. Since then, we have continued to improve our processes and introduce new services, including a wheel exchange program and a broad selection of finishing services such as black chrome, candy chrome and powder coating.

The surface condition of the component to be plated is critical to achieving top quality plating results. From wheels to suspension components and engine accessories, we first address any imperfections in the surface of the product – welding, filling and completely resurfacing and polishing the surface as needed. Our chrome plating process is composed of 24 steps, including multiple layers of semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chromium. This ensures you are receiving the best quality, most durable plating job possible. Black Chrome is plated with the same process but with a different final black stage added.

We also apply chrome plating to a wide variety of products – even plastics. Of all items that we handle, wheels are the most common. To ensure quick turnaround for our customers, we have dedicated preparation and plating facilities for wheels that maximizes throughput while maintaining the highest quality. And to save even more time for motorcycle wheels, we offer a wheel exchange program. We stock over 300 sets of chrome motorcycle wheels – just send your wheels to us, and we will ship a new chrome set to you the next business day.

Of course, much of our work is custom – you send us your parts and we prepare them and apply the plating. We provide full chrome plating restoration service such as welding, filling and repair. We will undertake just about any project you send us – from bicycles to Porsches, from small interior parts to bumpers. We perform all work in-house and can control quality accordingly. Be aware of other companies who portray themselves to be actual plating shops but really subcontract out their work. This increases the chance of your parts being misplaced and processed improperly at substandard quality.

Chrome restoration 56 Corvette  Chrome Plating Motorcycle  Black Chrome Wheel Porsche


How to Polish Automotive Chrome Plating Trim

Automotive chrome plating is a great feature that adds style to any vehicle. With the right polish and techniques, you can keep it clean and sparkling. The car care industry has infinite resources to make polishes that are specifically formulated to get your chrome shiny. These polishes can vary in intensity so you have to be careful you use the appropriate polish for use. It is best to use a gentler polish for more delicate instruments such as mirrors, headlights, gauge bezels, black chrome, and glass.

If a polish is labeled “all chrome”, that generally indicates that it is a gentler polish and is good for most standard uses, such as the removal of smudges, small scratches, and the restoration of that automotive chrome plating brilliance! For bigger scratches, rust, and other jobs a gentler polish can’t handle, you’ll want invest in a grittier polish, which is similar to jeweler’s rouge. A grittier polish may revive that old bumper, but be sure to read and follow the directions on the label. While it’s good enough for a bumper, a grittier polish can easily scratch softer surfaces, so opt for a gentler polish when it comes to those shiny, new 23 inch chromed-spoke wheels.

Most brands of polish also include polymers that leave behind a protective residue that can ward off smudges and fingerprints while helping you maintain that classic chrome sheen. You can find chrome polish at almost any automotive store and it is available as either a liquid or a cream.


As mentioned above, always, always, ALWAYS, begin by reading the various polishes’ labels and choose one or more that is compatible with the style and condition of the chrome you want to revive.

Before you begin, always make sure you wash the chromed area so any grit and dirt won’t be left behind and scraped across the finish during polishing. Be sure to park in your garage or in the shade to ensure that the polish doesn’t dry too quickly. Automotive chrome plating polish can be applied a few different ways depending on your preference. Always start with a clean, cotton-based fabric to apply the polish. A terrycloth towel is the traditional favorite while disposable cotton wipes or cotton polishing pads are just as effective. Polishing pads are easy to cut in half if needed to reach difficult areas.

Apply the polish to the applicator and begin to massage it onto the chrome, being careful to follow the instructions as listed on the label. Be sure to work in small areas and make sure you polish every spot. Before you know it you’ll be done and your newly polished automotive chrome plating will shine like the first day you laid eyes on it! Think chrome gets to have all the fun? Think again because many of these products will also protect and shine other metals as well, such as aluminum and magnesium.


Classic Components, the leader in Chrome Plating since 1986, is now offering a new Chrome polish & sealant. This product will revive and protect all of your chrome.  This is what they use to clean, polish and protect all the parts and wheels coming off their chrome plating lines. This sealant and wax is a non abrasive formula that will clean and polish Chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and even brass.   It also works twice as fast as other polishes whether you apply it by hand or machine. Safely get rid of the dullness of your old chrome parts and wheels with
Classic Components new chrome polish and wax! Contact us for more information or to order chrome plating or the Chrome Polish & Sealant.