Enhance the way any vehicle looks with chrome plating rims. Chrome gives vehicles an upscale look that is not easily attainable from other forms of vehicle customization. Using chrome to adorn and improve a vehicle, will not only give the ride a highly sought after look, but chrome will offer a layer of protection as well.

Chrome Plating Application Process

The application process of chrome plating requires a skilled individual to perform it. First, an overlay of chromium is put on the base metal of your choosing. These metals include but are not limited to, lead, nickel, zinc and copper. The end result of this process is the shiny, attractive protective finish that will keep the base metal it coats from crumbling and rusting.
When applying chrome to vehicles and other items, most professionals will use bright chrome. It is applied in a thin layer and usually used as a decoration. In order to successfully apply the chrome to plastic, aluminum compounds must first be used as a bottom layer. To apply to metals like copper and steel, nickel would be the choice metal for a bottom layer.

Black Chrome Application

Black chrome has its own set of rules for application. This dark finish is preceded with nickel first and chromium second. Oil or wax can be applied to give this finish more appeal. This finish does not hold up for as long as its shiner, brighter counterpart and can be a softer. Uses for black chrome vary from optics to cars.


– Another Happy Black Chrome Customer

Thank you Kevin F. from Newport Beach, CA for sending pics of his freshly chromed and installed wheels.  This 2007 Porsche 911 has an entirely new look after the wheels were plated in Classic Components Black Ebony Chrome finish. Call or email us today to transform your ride!



What Is Black Chrome?

Chrome is made by the electroplating an outer coating of chromium to another metal such as steel or aluminum. The surface to be chrome plated immersed in an acid bath along with an anode metal. Direct current electricity is applied; this makes chromium ions to adhere to the surface of the metal. Before the chrome is electroplated, copper and nickel layers are applied to the metal.

Black chrome plating takes a high polish and possesses a depth that is not evident in other chrome finishes. The copper and nickel undercoating makes hard and durable black chrome finishes resistant to rust and corrosion. Highly polished black chrome is often used as a decorative surface for automobile and motorcycle parts and household faucets. Telescope and microscope manufacturers often use matte finish black chrome on parts to reduce reflectivity.
Before chrome, electroplating, metal objects must be thoroughly cleaned. Before the copper and nickel coating is applied, the part is immersed in an electrostatic bath to remove heavy soil. It must be cleaned once more by hand to get rid of any residual dirt and surface impurities. After cleaning, the part is ready for black chrome plating to be applied.
Electroplating process requires attention to safety because the chemicals involved are highly caustic and are often carcinogenic. Complying with environmental protection standards for safely using these chemicals can make black chrome plating more expensive than other types of finish.


– Customer Appreciation Day Oct. 13, 2012

On Saturday, October 13 Classic Components / South Bay Chrome hosted a party to thank our local customers.  We had a live band, taco stand and great people with their favorite rides.  Among those in attendance was Mike from Pro Design Hot Rods with his awesome Mercury as well as a customer who came all the way from Atlanta, GA (thanks, Chip)!

The party featured restored vintage bicycles from the 1930’s as well as a custom Ford Roadster worth over $200,000.  The black chrome of Classic Components was featured on Steve Reed’s gorgeous Suzuki Hayabusa and our show chrome work was evident on Tony Casillas’ Honda Fury.  These were just a few of the folks who were nice enough to stop by on this fun day.  Thank you to our loyal customers!


– Happy Black Chrome Customer

Before & After Pics and Email from our customer Dale B. in Omaha, Nebraska:

“Your wheels made the difference in me taking 1st and 3rd place, that I am sure of. Thanks Mike for the great looking wheels!”