The spirit of a Harley Davidson is one of freedom and true ruggedness, sprinkled with a bit of rebelliousness. It is this spirit that attracts many riders to the make. One thing that most Harley Davidson owners notice early on is that the vehicle is an extension of their very essence.

Adding Black Chrome to Motorcycle Wheels

But adding a personal look to your bike is what some have trouble with, yet there are a few things you can start with. For one, you can replace your rims with black chrome wheels. Using black for your rims is a definite way to add a personal touch to your bike that opens up the door for more changes.

Black, after all, is the color that highlights any other color beautifully, just in case you were thinking of adding accents to your bike.

Why Get Black Rims?

Black rims, especially now, are a good idea because they offer more durability than the rims your bike came with. The rim color is achieved through a specialized combination between copper, nickel, and dyes.

The difference is the electrical connection made between nickel or copper that occurs on a molecular level, meaning that the black becomes one with the rims. Other rims keep the color and the rims separate from each other. This difference makes black rims scratch-resistant, and they will not discolor.

Hopefully you can see that choosing black rims is a smart choice and should make it easier to detail your bike. This should keep your Harley looking good for many years to come.


Black Rims: Popularity Growth

Black chrome rims are becoming the new norm for custom car and motorcycle enthusiasts around the country. Many drivers feel as though their car or motorcycle’s customized features act as an extension of their personality. While many manufacturers deliver it the same, the way that the owner specializes it to fit their needs is what separates a nice car from a mediocre one. (more…)


Every year, a variety of SUVs and cars hit the market. While their styles and types may be different, most new cars come with standard wheels, but many people want to change them to black chrome rims. Currently, black chrome wheels and rims seem to be trending. Black chrome is not a novel look, however, few people know that traditionally, black chrome was not and is not really chrome. (more…)


The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most popular bikes around the world. It has attracted quite a following.

The fun, sporty ride has kept much of its starting design work, but has also had refinements throughout its time on the market. The performance of its design lends to a cutting edge, agile ride. (more…)


Are you tired of that blinged out chrome plating look? Black chrome wheels are always an alternative that gives your bike a darker shine. Black chrome wheels work especially well when your bike has darker color schemes like it did with the customer’s bike below.

Dale B. took 1st and 3rd place in a contest a couple of years ago with the help of CCI’s black chrome plating service. Like our regular chrome plating, black chrome is scratch resistant and protects your rims, but now your bike will have an original look. Check out Dale’s before and after pics.

Black Chrome Wheels

Black Chrome Motorcycle Rims


– Another Happy Black Chrome Customer

Thank you Kevin F. from Newport Beach, CA for sending pics of his freshly chromed and installed wheels.  This 2007 Porsche 911 has an entirely new look after the wheels were plated in Classic Components Black Ebony Chrome finish. Call or email us today to transform your ride!