How to Add Chrome to Your Harley Wheels

Harley Bagger Custom Chrome Wheels

The price to chrome your Harley depends on the style and size of your bike. How much are you willing to spend? Ensure to put aside enough for what you need to spend.

What Type of Chrome Should You Purchase?

Choosing a perfect chrome package is easy. We have a 24-step process of chrome plating. We also have black chrome and powder coating, known as candy chrome. If you want the mirror-like shine on your wheels, that is the traditional chrome plating process. Black chrome adds a true black color to your wheels. Powder coating can coat your wheels in nearly any color you want.

Motorcycle Wheels – Types and Sizes

Chrome Harley Wheels in Exchange

Popular types of chrome motorcycle rim: laced and spokes, billet aluminum, cruiser motorcycle wheels, chrome Harley wheels, and street motorcycle wheels. Also, the wheel size varies from 16″ to 30″. We also have over 300 brand name wheels in stock already chromed. We offer them in exchange for your non-chromed rims.

Custom Harley Bagger Chrome Plating WheelsShipping Cost

Frankly, shipping costs are usually determined by the weight of the shipmentand how fast you expect your order to be shipped. Normally, we use UPS and have a tracker on the website.

Other Parts and Accessories

We chrome plate just about anything! We can take a look at your motorcycle’s part and see if it is able to take chrome. We also chrome plastic.

Dream about your favorite chromed out design while your money continues to build in your assigned saving account. Expect to spend around the $500 – $15,000 range to chrome the handlebars, custom wheels, exhaust pipes, and other miscellaneous parts. See an accurate list of pricing for chrome Harley wheels.



– Triumph Thunderbird Chrome Wheels

Thank you, Robert G. from Ft. Worth, TX for the kind words and great pics:


I am attaching photos showing the chrome wheels you recently did for Robert G. for his 2014 Triumph Thunderbird. Thank you for your excellent work! He is so happy with the results.


History of the Harley Sportbike

The Harley Sportbike is one of the manufacturer’s more popular line of motorcycles. Since 1952, the company has worked to expand this line of vehicles. This started when they were rolling out the line that included the K, KK, KH and the KHK. While some variances in fenders, frames and gas tanks have occurred over the years, the Sportsbike hasn’t ever really experienced a major overhaul. (more…)


Classic Chrome Plating stocks over 300 sets of chrome wheels, including Harley. CCP has different makes of chrome Harley wheels, which are part of the 300 tires. Do not hesitate to call, as it is likely that we will have your tires in stock. (more…)