For a cruise motorbike fanatic, having shiny and impressive chrome wheels on their ride is one of the top priorities. If you are riding the 2017 Harley Davidson Bagger, the chances are that you are already considering the stock fittings with the alloy wheels. As it can be an expensive affair, most of the people have second thoughts.

However, if you go for our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange, it doesn’t have to be that hard on your pocket. The dealers these days offer easy wheel exchange program that enables the motorbike owner to replace their wheel at a price much lesser than the market price in return for the wheels currently fitted to their bike. It is a win-win situation for both the dealer and the bike owner.

How to go about the wheel exchange program?

• You can contact us and let them know the wheel you have chosen and have deposited the core amount. Once that is done, we would ship you the chrome motorcycle wheel of your choice. As soon as we receives your wheel in good condition, the core money is deposited back into your account.
• Alternatively, you can also choose to send your wheel first to us. In this case, it is essential to mention while ordering the wheel that you wish to go for an exchange. We would send you the chrome wheel of your choice the next working day. It is suggested that buyer calls us and reserve the wheel of their choice in advance for hassle free and quick delivery.

Things to note when going for exchange program

• It is mandatory for the customers to mention in the order form before purchase that they wish to go for the exchange.
• There is a small additional fee levied above the standard chrome plating service for the exchange service.
• The wheels of the same bike model, year of manufacturing and model can be exchanged that are not damaged and haven’t been chrome plated already.
Contact us today if you wish to go for the chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program. We would guide you appropriately to find the best wheel for your new Harley Davidson Bagger 2017 or any other cruiser bike for that matter, without costing you a fortune.


Chrome wheels can instantly give a sports bike or a cruiser more class. However, the process of finding a proper wheel at a good price can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, because several procedures must be implemented when selecting certain wheels, the shopping process can be confusing too. If you cannot find a quality wheel, this guide will help you choose an ideal wheel for your bike.

In Stock Chrome Plated Wheels

CCI offers more than 300 sets of wheels that have chrome finishes. If you contact us, we will have a good option for you in stock. Our staff sells chrome wheels for Harley Davidson bikes and other popular brands.

Participate in the Chrome Wheel Exchange Program

Our company has a chrome wheel exchange program. Consumers can participate by following a few simple steps.

The first method involves calling us and making a simple deposit. We always ship our products on the day that we get the cash. However, when you receive your tires, the deposit will be refunded.

If you prefer another method, we can send you the tires first without a deposit. However, you must request our exchange service when you fill out the order form. Our staff will ship the chrome wheels the next business day after the application process is completed.

Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Exchange – Our Terms

Consumers who use our wheel exchange service pay a $50 fee. For another $15, our team can remove the bearings on every wheel. Our staff will only process wheels that have no physical damage. All exchanges must be processed no later than 20 business days.

Let Classic Chrome Plating help you get the wheels you need for summer riding. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189 for our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program.


With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about gifts for the motoring enthusiasts in your life. For motorcycle riders it can be especially difficult to find a gift that is both meaningful and personal, especially if you’re not a rider yourself.

With Classic Components you have the perfect option. Why not give the gift of chrome? (more…)


It is no accident that Classic Components and our subsidiary South Bay Chrome have over 75 years of combined chrome plating services experience. We have been providing a top quality product along with outstanding customer service since 1986. Since then, we have continued to improve our processes and introduce new services, including a wheel exchange program and a broad selection of finishing services such as black chrome, candy chrome and powder coating.

The surface condition of the component to be plated is critical to achieving top quality plating results. From wheels to suspension components and engine accessories, we first address any imperfections in the surface of the product – welding, filling and completely resurfacing and polishing the surface as needed. Our chrome plating process is composed of 24 steps, including multiple layers of semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chromium. This ensures you are receiving the best quality, most durable plating job possible. Black Chrome is plated with the same process but with a different final black stage added.

We also apply chrome plating to a wide variety of products – even plastics. Of all items that we handle, wheels are the most common. To ensure quick turnaround for our customers, we have dedicated preparation and plating facilities for wheels that maximizes throughput while maintaining the highest quality. And to save even more time for motorcycle wheels, we offer a wheel exchange program. We stock over 300 sets of chrome motorcycle wheels – just send your wheels to us, and we will ship a new chrome set to you the next business day.

Of course, much of our work is custom – you send us your parts and we prepare them and apply the plating. We provide full chrome plating restoration service such as welding, filling and repair. We will undertake just about any project you send us – from bicycles to Porsches, from small interior parts to bumpers. We perform all work in-house and can control quality accordingly. Be aware of other companies who portray themselves to be actual plating shops but really subcontract out their work. This increases the chance of your parts being misplaced and processed improperly at substandard quality.

Chrome restoration 56 Corvette  Chrome Plating Motorcycle  Black Chrome Wheel Porsche


Yes. CCI does offer bent wheel repair service, as well as other services to repair motorcycle and automobile rims. CCI has more than 40 years in the business of chrome plating motor sports parts. It didn’t take long to figure out that we would need to become experts on repairing bent and dinged rims as well.

Customers send in their own core rims for chrome motorcycle rims exchange and chrome plating services on a daily basis. All of these rims have spent some time on the road. In both cases rims may be bent or damaged and we want to make sure that those rims are repaired before plating. Dings and pits from the original casting and from road wear can affect the finished chrome plating product, so we may need to fix minor wheel and lip dings before the process can begin. Other cosmetic repairs can be fixed through welding and other techniques. CCI also offers chrome rim repair depending on the extent and nature of the damage.

Every rim and wheel that comes to CCI is cleaned and inspected for damage before plating. If we find any damages or bends in the wheels, we will call you before repairs are made. Please make sure the CCI team is aware of any damage or bends in your wheels before sending them in for chrome plating so you can receive a price quote. For more information about bent wheel repair service, chrome rim repair or other repairs, please click here to see our price list.

Bent Wheel Repair Service


The warm weather is definitely here, but there are plenty of months of great riding weather left this season, regardless of where you live. If you are looking to outfit your bike with custom chrome plating, and want to do it fast, you should consider our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange. With CCI’s chrome wheels exchange program, you can reduce your turnaround time to as little as 2 to 3 weeks.

With the addition of our new nickel and copper tanks, CCI has increased plating capacity 25% to 35%. This increased capacity will help up us build our stock of chrome rims available for chrome motorcycle rims exchange services. We already keep a large stock of sport bike, metric cruiser and Harley Davidson rims in stock and covered in show quality chrome plating. Check out the picture below.

For those who don’t know, there are two ways to take advantage of our chrome motorcycle rims exchange program.

1) Send us your excellent condition core rims first, along with required order form, and we will send out your rims as soon as we receive yours. Please call ahead to find out which models are in stock.

2) Call now and pay a deposit for your excellent condition motorcycle rims, plus the cost of chrome plated rims, and we will send you out chrome plated rims. Once you receive them, send CCI your excellent condition core rims. Upon receipt of your core rims, CCI will credit back your account.

Our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program is very simple and you can have show quality chrome in as little as two weeks. Be sure to check out our chrome exchange price list and call to confirm our available stock.

Chrome Motorcycle Rims Exchange


– Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Exchange

You need ’em, we got ’em in stock and ready to go:

– Metric Cruisers:  Honda Fury, Goldwing, VTX, Boulevard M-109, Raider …

– Harley Davidson:  Ultraglide, Roadking, Streetglide, Dynaglide …

– Sportbike:  Hayabusa, GSX-R600/1000, ZX-14, CBR600/1000RR …

And Many More!  For $50 extra, you can eliminate the down time and take advantage of our chrome exchange program.  Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions!