Chrome Plating Rims for Ford Truck

Chrome plating has the reputation of increasing the aesthetics of an object and preventing corrosion. The chrome plating rims process can be dangerous, as different chemicals are used that are toxic. While working in the industry, it is important to use safety precautions so that the work environment will be safe.

Potential Skin Damage

Chrome plating uses an acid bath process. The object is placed in chemicals that include acids to clean the surface. Due to high acid base, there is potential for corrosion of the skin and eye damage as well. Severe burns to the throat and lungs may also occur.

The National Institute of Health has announced the dangers of chromium. This chemical is found on chrome plating and may cause lung cancer.

Look Out For Fire Hazards

The majority of chemicals found in chrome plating are flammable. The oxidizing effects pose a risk for individuals working in the industry. Companies in the industry should educate their employees on the importance of following rules for their safety.

Disposal of Chrome Chemicals is Toxic to the Environment

The plating industry was one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s first regulated industries with a heavy burden of compliance. Once you purchase a chrome plating kit, you are responsible for it. You then have to dispose of the waste, and be sure that if you pay someone to treat, take, or dispose of waste, they dispose of it properly.

The Environmental Protection Agency has strict guidelines that look at emergency procedures and the use of air filtering systems. Companies can damage the environment if the guidelines are not followed, as toxins can enter water wells and other areas. Chrome plating is carcinogenic. It is not safe to make chrome plating at home. Choose a company that has over 50 years of experience with chrome plating rims. You will receive the results that you want.


Where to Get Chrome Rims Dipped?

Chrome rims revolutionize your vehicle or motorcycle into the sporty look you want. Not only do they add to the general durability of your vehicle tires, but also create a classy and attractive look.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome is plating made from light skin chromium and fitted on metals to produce a strikingly attractive mirror-like appearance. Chrome can be added to rims of different diameters, ranging from 13 inches to as big as 26 inches. When it comes to color, these rims produce a silver, shiny finish that you can see yourself in. There’s also black chrome and the ability to add any color to rims through candy chrome. The good thing about Chrome rims is the fact that you can customize them to suit your taste.

Care and Maintenance of Chrome Rims

Chrome rims require exceptional care and maintenance. If your rims are plated with dirt, wash them using a sponge lathed with a non-antiseptic soap. Always avoid antiseptic soaps, as the chemicals present in them can damage the attractive luster of chrome. Also, avoid pressurized car washing on your rims. The excessive pressure used by these washing machines can cause irreversible damage to your chrome layer.

Where to Get Your Rims Chrome Plated

At our chrome plating company, we utilize copper, bright, and semi-bright nickel as well as chromium in a 24-step chrome plating procedure. Our team of highly qualified engineers ensure that you get the best chrome application to your rims performs the entire process. Additionally, we specialize in filling and repair, welding as well as restoration services at an extra cost.

All of our jobs are completed in-house. We highly advise our potential clients to be always wary of certain companies, which portray themselves as plating shops but end up sending their projects to 3rd party companies.


Chrome wheels are much more durable than rims made of polished aluminum. Aluminum wheels may look nice at first but require a lot of polishing. Eventually, the aluminum finish may flake and peel. Wheels plated with chrome require little care and won’t corrode or deteriorate in harsh conditions.

Why People Are Attracted to Aluminum Rims

We know that polished aluminum rims look decorative and shiny. That’s why you like them and are trying to decide whether aluminum or chrome plating is the right choice for you. We’ve gathered some facts about aluminum and the difference between this plating and chrome.

Aluminum alloy is lightweight and durable. Even these rims are costly, look great when they are brand new. These stylish rims are often seen on sports cars.

Racecar teams go through dozens of tires everyday. While they need the rims to be durable, they do not need them to look good for more than one day. These shiny, custom wheels only have to impress fans during a quick whirlwind around the track.

In order for a wheel made from an aluminum alloy to keep its shiny finish, however, it has to be polished. Even if you put in the elbow grease and buff these rims regularly, the polish eventually wears off and flakes.

Why Choose Chrome Plating?

Chrome is rugged because there is no corrosion or oxidation. This heavy-duty metal finish can last forever when taken care of properly. While it is not as lightweight as aluminum, it can look just as shiny.

Chrome is not just the stuff wheels are made from, it is also found around the house. You can find chrome on sinks, faucets, and doorknobs. When aluminum shines, it is reflective but it does not give off a complete mirror image like chrome does. Chrome is shiny enough to see yourself in it.

Chrome is more durable than aluminum and takes a step-by-step process to apply. Our chrome plating process uses 24 steps to ensure the maximum quality finish.

Upgrading your current wheel finish to chrome is an investment in the look and quality of your car or motorcycle. Yet, you receive the satisfaction of having a higher quality look while also having peace of mind the shine and finish will last for years to come.

Still on the fence about chrome or aluminum? Contact us at 888-327-4189 to have your questions answered.


The chrome plating process is different for each shop. We’ve developed our process over 75 years of combined experience to give our clients maximum quality. Learn more about our process below.

The Process of Chrome Plating

There are 24 steps in the process we use to process chrome plating. We use chromium, copper, and two types of nickel as material in the procedure. The combination of these quality materials, along with our thorough process, ensures that the chrome plating job we complete for you is the absolute best.

We can offer Black Chrome plating for you if you wish to have a black finish on your wheels.

Why Many People Are Attracted to Chrome Plating

Chrome plating makes your motorcycle look good with its mirror finish and shine. We’ve seen many customers and our own rides win competitions and receive comments on the beauty of the shine and finish.

Years ago, I saw a custom built Chopper that was completely plated in chrome. At that time it was very difficult to find chrome parts in community bike parts shops. To get chrome parts on your bike, you had to remove parts from your own bike, scrub it clean, and have it chrome plated at a bumper re-chroming place.

Over the years, the process has become more convenient and chrome plating shops like ours follow strict environmental standards. We enjoy hearing feedback from customers when they get their chrome wheels or parts back from the shop.

A proper chrome plating job leaves your parts with a thin but durable layer of the gorgeous shiny material. If you are looking for a place that does the job right, contact us.



Have you riding your motorcycle this summer? If you haven’t gotten your bike out yet, here’s a few tips to gear up for your rides. But, get out there soon because the season is ending fast.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is make sure your insurance policy is still in tact. This probably seems like common sense to some of you. You’d be surprised how many bike riders fail to verify the facts before they go out for a ride.

    Verify the periods you can ride with your insurance company.Some companies have months where certain things are restricted. It’s best to be sure you are not going out during these times. What if something happens? You better be sure your parts are going to be covered. Some policies cover chrome plating, a new paint job or new rims if anything were to happen. If you are not covered, you will have to find some way of paying for the parts.

  2. Get your bike ready with chrome plating. If you plan to attend events like Sturgis or competitions this year, have show-quality chrome plating on your bike to show off your style. The Chrome plating process is when a thin-layer of chrome is applied to some of the plastic parts on your bike.

    Some go to a chrome plating service company for the job. Others do it themselves. If you’ve ever noticed a mirror-like image on a bike, this is a bike that has been chrome plated. It adds style and personality to your bike, not to mention protection. Look into it, if you haven’t already.

  3. Plan to attend some bike riding events. We sometimes refer to them as “Bikefest week”. They take place all over the country. Places like Las Vegas, Daytona Beach, Florida and Milwaukee are all famous for them.


All sorts of people come from all over to experience something like this. Seasoned bike riders attend these events. Those who just get into the sport of it, they get into it too. It’s a good way to take in the experience, without having to actually participate. Bikefest events like these also give riders tips on how to improve their skills and riding.


The Indian Roadmaster from 1940s to Now

The new Indian Roadmaster offers a rich history in a new motorcycle and is an excellent reflection of American luxury. Indian first used the Roadmaster name in the 1940 and the new Roadmaster represents a new take on Indian Motorcycle luxury and performance.

Original Indian Roadmaster History

The original Indian Roadmaster was produced between 1947 and 1953. It is universally viewed as being reliable and comfortable along with having a wide range of features. The 2015 Roadmaster was designed to take up that legacy and comes with a wide array of features to make riding comfortable and convenient. These features include the motorcycle’s extensive storage along with its unsurpassed performance and power.

Reintroduction to the Indian Roadmaster

About the reintroduction of the new Roadmaster, Indian Motorcycle VP said that he considered it a privilege and honor for his team “to be a part of motorcycling history.” He went to point out that the Roadmaster’s heritage, quality and craftsmanship” along with its performance and standard features are “simply unmatched” among luxury touring bikes.
New Indian Roadmaster features include:

  • Convenience and Comfort
    The Roadmaster for designed to provide two-passenger touring comfort and its features include hard saddlebags and a removable trunk.
  • Extensive Chrome Plating
    The Roadmaster offers lots of standard chrome. Indian Roadmaster chrome plating extends to the forks, trim and fender tips. To provide additional chrome plating services, we can chrome components, including the chrome windshield trim and chrome driving light bezels.
  • Luxury Features
    The new Roadmaster has a power windshield along with heated grips and heated seats for both the rider and passenger.


image_1Entering your Suzuki Hayabusa into a competition soon?

Want to know what may be the deciding factor between winning and losing?

It could just be whether or not your wheels are chrome plated.


Chrome Parts Sets Your Hayabusa Apart from the Others

The standard look of a Suzuki Hayabusa is sleek. With chrome plated parts and wheels, this motorcycle’s appearance and style is propelled to a higher level.

The entire look of the motorcycle is enhanced. Chrome stands out as it catches glints of light on accent pieces and wheels.

Customizing a bike’s parts and wheels includes chroming key features, such as trimming, deflectors, caps, covers, and more.

Chrome Plating on Wheels Could Be the Deciding Factor

image_2Your wheels made the difference in me taking 1st and 3rd place, that I am sure of. Thanks Mike for the great looking wheels!

Getting chrome plating added to your wheels to give your Hayabusa the look that can win a competition.

It’s easy to get chrome plated wheels with us. We have a chrome wheel exchange program. You have two options in the program to get chrome plated wheels.

You can pay a deposit and request to have the wheels sent to your location. We ship them the next business day. We have more than 300 brands in stock. Then you send us your stock wheels.

You could also choose to send us your wheels first and not pay a deposit. Then we ship the chrome wheels to you.



Ever since the first C1 Sting Ray was introduced to the public in 1953 at a New York City auto show, Corvette enthusiasts have anxiously looked forward to the release of each new model along with collecting older Corvettes.

One thing that all enthusiasts adore about the car is the sound of the Chevrolet Corvette engine when it purrs to life. In order to achieve the desired custom look, many enthusiasts perform custom Corvette exhaust system work along with accessorizing the car.

Custom Chrome Plating Work on the Exhaust

In most models, the exhaust system is not routinely seen because the Corvette bumper hides it. That is why some owners choose to install shiny chrome exhaust tips.

When choosing to refurbish the tips, tubes, mufflers and other exhaust parts on the Chevy Corvette consider OEM parts or top name manufacturers. Do not feel trapped into using genuine Corvette parts, as these parts are specifically designed to fit most Corvettes. In fact, they will usually improve torque and horsepower.

Corvette Car Parts for a Custom Look

State and federal emission regulations have become an industry nightmare and it is no different with Corvette. The result is that many owners are not satisfied with the sound of the exhaust system that comes on the vehicle.

The great news for these owners is that there are numerous after-market Corvette car parts in a variety of materials including stainless steel, chrome plating and durable carbon fiber. Installing one of these performance exhaust systems make sure to choose the specific exhaust parts for your Corvette.

When you do get your Corvette parts chrome plated, you may be amazed at the outstanding performance you get. You may also hear other adoring fans raving about the looks of your Corvette.


The Harley Street Glide is a popular and innovative ride with the finest of upgraded technology to vouch for it. Bikers from all over the world like the new focus of style and comfort on this touring bike. This motorcycle can have sweet chrome plating added to it to make it shine. It is as ergonomically correct as a Lazy-Boy.

The Ease of Riding a Harley Glide

Comfort on long journeys is one of the priorities of the newly released Harley Glide. The current make of this touring bike was released at the beginning of 2009.

Another priority is the greater fuel efficiency of the Harley Glide, which makes longer trips possible with far less cost.

The combination of air-cooled V-twin engine, belt final drive, and six-speed transmission makes for an efficient ride as well.

This motorcycle operates with much less maintenance than before while the rider has the benefit of more power pushing the bike’s performance.

Chrome Plating Adds Style

There are additional amenities that are making this motorcycle even more popular. Extra storage space, cruise control, and a whopping six-gallon gas tank facilitate lengthier travel plans and less fuel stops.

The chrome plated good looks attract plenty of attention while cruising down the highways and byways.

For those riders who just can’t wait to get on the road again, the new make of the Harley Street Glide answers all requirements for style and easy riding.

This ergonomically correct upgraded model of motorcycle is engineered to provide a great alternative to older model Harleys. The features are distinctively Harley Davidson.