The History of Classic Car Bumpers

Over the past several decades, an evolution of car bumpers has become increasingly obvious from both the materials used to construct a bumper and the sole purpose of a bumper. Older bumpers were originally made of hard steel in order to protect the car, but it made cars very destructive when struck and extremely heavy.

Improvement to Bumpers Over Time

As newer generations of cars were released, their bumpers had also undergone an improvement with better, more efficient, materials being used to construct the bumpers. These new bumpers, like the ones used in cars today, may not be as solid as the hard steel they were once made of, but they are lighter and more aerodynamic which increases the car’s efficiency.

Nonetheless, these lighter materials are vulnerable to rock and debris damage from everyday driving. Thankfully, we offer the best quality chrome plated bumpers, radiator shells, and grills.

Top Quality Bumper and Grill Repair

When it comes to chrome plating bumpers and grills, paying for quality chrome plating is definitely worth it. Our 24-step process is the top of the line in the industry to produce high quality bumpers and grills in the market. In addition to our top quality chrome plating, we also repair bumpers and grills on classic cars.

We spend countless hours tapping, welding, and buffing our customers’ radiator shells and grills until they are fixed and look like a spotless mirror. The quality and care we invest in our work is the reason people worldwide send us their bumpers and grills to be repaired.

Chrome Plated Bumper Project

classic_carThis 1949 Buick required bumper and grill repair. With our expert restoration process, we accepted this challenge to provide repair to these zinc material-made bumpers. We had little time to get the job done. Read more to see how we completed this unique chrome bumper repair challenge.