Benefits to Chrome Plating Car Part SurfacesWhen resurfacing a product or building something new, there are many different options you can use for the surface of the product. Chromium plating, also known as hard chrome plating, is an excellent surface option. There are a few benefits as to why you may want to consider using custom chrome plating for your product.


Once the chromium plating hardens on the surface the inside of the product will be protected from moisture. Chromium plating, once harden, becomes resistant to water and rust. There are many products that would become damaged and useless if it got even the tiniest bit of water inside of it. By using chrome plating many products would not have to use other ways to protect their insides to keep them in working condition. This helps the product be durable and longer lasting.


When chrome plating is used, the surface of the product will look wonderful. The surface will have a smooth and shiny look to it, no matter what color the product may be. There are many different types of products where a smooth and shiny surface will attract buyers and repeat buyers of it.


If a car part is made smaller than what it should be, like by an eighth of an inch, chrome plating can help fix the problem. When this is done the car part would not have to be remade from scratch. Many chrome plating car parts will last longer than other types since chrome plating resists water and rust longer than other car part types.


At Classic Chrome Plating, we are often asked if plastic chrome plating is available for vehicles that are made from plastic or other materials. The truth is that today, there are light weight and flexible automobile solutions that automakers are using that make chrome plating car parts that are no longer traditionally made from metal important.

What Materials Can be Electroplated

With chrome plating, you do end up with a metallic look that is eye catching and stunning. This is different from plastic trim, which serves the purpose of protection, but doesn’t offer the elegance and charm that chrome offers. Fortunately, all materials can be electroplated, which means that you can cover that plastic trim in chrome. However, you cannot do it in the same manner you’d traditionally do it, since they are not conductive to electricity.

Chrome Plating Plastic Parts

For plastic, the process begins with chromic acid and an industry blend of chemicals being placed over the plastic. A layer of copper is then applied over this, as it allows for thermal expansion to take place. Next, a couple of nickel layers are done and then a base layer of chrome is added in. An authentic layer of chrome that adheres perfectly to the vehicle follows this.

This means you can experience the breathtaking beauty of the chrome, without having to worry about the plastic that lies underneath. If you are ready to transform the exterior of your vehicle and add some elegance and charm to it, then contact the experts at Classic Chrome Plating today. Our team of professionals will help you to properly plate your vehicle, so that the chrome looks factory installed, without the price tag that would otherwise be associated with the process.