– Nickel Plating Restoration Project

Thank you to Rick W. of Aliso Viejo, CA for the pics and info on this nickel plating restoration project recently completed by Classic Chrome Plating. Rick bought the MotoMeter from an antique store in Fort Wayne, Indiana, via the internet. It came complete, including the original wings which are die cast/pot metal. The meter housing is made of brass. MotoMeter made both a “senior” (large) and “junior” (small) version of this radiator cap. In addition to the re-nickeling done by Classic, the owner had to get a new thermometer as the original thermometer bulb was broken. He doesn’t know the exact year of this meter but believes it to be from 1915-1920. The Boyce MotoMeter was patented in 1912, and was used in automobiles to read the temperature of the radiator. From then through the late 1920s, the company manufactured a variety of different models which varied in size. The MotoMeter Company made slight changes to each of its original models and added new designs to their line of meters and discontinued some others. By 1927 the company was offering a wide variety. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any “before” photos but here is what it looks like now.