When famous custom car builder Rick Dore required a perfect finish for his hand made fiberglass side pipes, he drove up from San Diego to see us here at Classic Chrome Plating.  Rick Dore is known for his unique automotive design and custom work, as well as his show-winning custom named the Black Pearl that won every category at the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show.  Dore is also known for his work with rock band Metallica’s James Hetfield, who works with Rick to build his own unique version of automotive art.  This bare metal finish one-off custom shown here called The Aquarius, was also built for James Hetfield and featured on the 2015 season of Rusted Development.

You may also recognize Rick Dore from his recent role on the Discovery (Velocity) Channel’s show titled Rusted Development (formerly, Lords of the Car Hoards).  We were not sure if our chrome plating work on these decorative fiberglass pipes would end up on TV, so we were surprised to see it on several episodes of the 2015 season!  Check out the process we perform to turn plastic and fiberglass parts into chrome plated parts worthy of the best builders in the industry.