Have you noticed the custom projects on the streets lately? Car and motorcycle owners are taking creativity to the next level. Chrome by itself is highly decorative. When paired with candy chrome for rims and parts, your car or motorcycle can take on a whole new look. There’s unlimited potential to create the style you want.

Recently, a chromed Porsche 911 GT2 was filmed in London. The chrome wrap on the body of the car gives it a pristine shine while the candy chrome red wheels and parts stand out.

Here’s some recent projects we’ve completed that you can use to spark inspiration for your project:

Robert’s Triumph Thunderbird

Robert’s Triumph Thunderbird is spectacular even without chrome. With chrome wheels, the look of the entire bike comes together as impressive to view. Robert was happy with the work. Adding the chrome plating to the rims was the key to the shine and beauty his Thunderbird displays now.

Wheeler Dealers 1952 Desoto Firedome

We were so honored to work with the team at Wheeler Dealers. Host, Mike Brewer and his team visited us with several parts. We restored the front and rear bumpers, bezels from the taillights, and parts of the grill. Our own sales manager, Mike Sickels, discussed the chrome plating process on the show. The end result was a beautiful chromed out Desoto.

Mini Cooper Chrome Project

Who says classic cars are the only ones that need chrome? Rod M. brought us his wheels and parts to chrome. His blue, Mini Cooper shines in Ventura County with this recent chrome project.
If you’re looking for a custom chrome plating and powder coating job for your project that is exactly what we do. Bring us your parts and wheels and we’ll take care of the rest.