It is no accident that Classic Components and our subsidiary South Bay Chrome have over 75 years of combined chrome plating services experience. We have been providing a top quality product along with outstanding customer service since 1986. Since then, we have continued to improve our processes and introduce new services, including a wheel exchange program and a broad selection of finishing services such as black chrome, candy chrome and powder coating.

The surface condition of the component to be plated is critical to achieving top quality plating results. From wheels to suspension components and engine accessories, we first address any imperfections in the surface of the product – welding, filling and completely resurfacing and polishing the surface as needed. Our chrome plating process is composed of 24 steps, including multiple layers of semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chromium. This ensures you are receiving the best quality, most durable plating job possible. Black Chrome is plated with the same process but with a different final black stage added.

We also apply chrome plating to a wide variety of products – even plastics. Of all items that we handle, wheels are the most common. To ensure quick turnaround for our customers, we have dedicated preparation and plating facilities for wheels that maximizes throughput while maintaining the highest quality. And to save even more time for motorcycle wheels, we offer a wheel exchange program. We stock over 300 sets of chrome motorcycle wheels – just send your wheels to us, and we will ship a new chrome set to you the next business day.

Of course, much of our work is custom – you send us your parts and we prepare them and apply the plating. We provide full chrome plating restoration service such as welding, filling and repair. We will undertake just about any project you send us – from bicycles to Porsches, from small interior parts to bumpers. We perform all work in-house and can control quality accordingly. Be aware of other companies who portray themselves to be actual plating shops but really subcontract out their work. This increases the chance of your parts being misplaced and processed improperly at substandard quality.

Chrome restoration 56 Corvette  Chrome Plating Motorcycle  Black Chrome Wheel Porsche


Are you tired of that blinged out chrome plating look? Black chrome wheels are always an alternative that gives your bike a darker shine. Black chrome wheels work especially well when your bike has darker color schemes like it did with the customer’s bike below.

Dale B. took 1st and 3rd place in a contest a couple of years ago with the help of CCI’s black chrome plating service. Like our regular chrome plating, black chrome is scratch resistant and protects your rims, but now your bike will have an original look. Check out Dale’s before and after pics.

Black Chrome Wheels

Black Chrome Motorcycle Rims


We always stand behind our chrome plating services at Classic Components Inc. The words show quality chrome plating are not just words to us, they are at the heart of our core values. However it is always great when we are asked to be a part to of great bike builds that get a lot of recognition.

Mad Wheels Inc. took home two of the three Baddest Baggers of the year from American Bagger Magazine. The past several months has seen a lot of custom bagger parts and requests to chrome plate bagger rims as everyone gets prepared for bike weeks across the country. Custom Baggers are more popular than ever and they keep getting more and more extreme and unique. Mad Wheels Inc., really thought outside the box with these two award winners. Check out the old school Knuckle Dragger sporting a 30” rim with CCI’s chrome plating complete with a white wall beauty ring. I love those white walls! The Sturgis crowd did too, as the Knuckle Dragger took home first place. Mad Wheels took it to the extreme for the Galveston, Texas show with it copper plated Rat Bike with a huge copper plated front rim from CCI.

We are proud to have to been a part of these great custom bikes, which represent some very original ideas. Chrome rim restoration for your Harley bagger parts and rims is as simple as a quick phone call to CCI at (888) 327-4189.

Custom Bagger Parts

Chrome Harley Wheels