Chrome Plating Rims for Ford Truck

Chrome plating has the reputation of increasing the aesthetics of an object and preventing corrosion. The chrome plating rims process can be dangerous, as different chemicals are used that are toxic. While working in the industry, it is important to use safety precautions so that the work environment will be safe.

Potential Skin Damage

Chrome plating uses an acid bath process. The object is placed in chemicals that include acids to clean the surface. Due to high acid base, there is potential for corrosion of the skin and eye damage as well. Severe burns to the throat and lungs may also occur.

The National Institute of Health has announced the dangers of chromium. This chemical is found on chrome plating and may cause lung cancer.

Look Out For Fire Hazards

The majority of chemicals found in chrome plating are flammable. The oxidizing effects pose a risk for individuals working in the industry. Companies in the industry should educate their employees on the importance of following rules for their safety.

Disposal of Chrome Chemicals is Toxic to the Environment

The plating industry was one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s first regulated industries with a heavy burden of compliance. Once you purchase a chrome plating kit, you are responsible for it. You then have to dispose of the waste, and be sure that if you pay someone to treat, take, or dispose of waste, they dispose of it properly.

The Environmental Protection Agency has strict guidelines that look at emergency procedures and the use of air filtering systems. Companies can damage the environment if the guidelines are not followed, as toxins can enter water wells and other areas. Chrome plating is carcinogenic. It is not safe to make chrome plating at home. Choose a company that has over 50 years of experience with chrome plating rims. You will receive the results that you want.


Enhance the way any vehicle looks with chrome plating rims. Chrome gives vehicles an upscale look that is not easily attainable from other forms of vehicle customization. Using chrome to adorn and improve a vehicle, will not only give the ride a highly sought after look, but chrome will offer a layer of protection as well.

Chrome Plating Application Process

The application process of chrome plating requires a skilled individual to perform it. First, an overlay of chromium is put on the base metal of your choosing. These metals include but are not limited to, lead, nickel, zinc and copper. The end result of this process is the shiny, attractive protective finish that will keep the base metal it coats from crumbling and rusting.
When applying chrome to vehicles and other items, most professionals will use bright chrome. It is applied in a thin layer and usually used as a decoration. In order to successfully apply the chrome to plastic, aluminum compounds must first be used as a bottom layer. To apply to metals like copper and steel, nickel would be the choice metal for a bottom layer.

Black Chrome Application

Black chrome has its own set of rules for application. This dark finish is preceded with nickel first and chromium second. Oil or wax can be applied to give this finish more appeal. This finish does not hold up for as long as its shiner, brighter counterpart and can be a softer. Uses for black chrome vary from optics to cars.


Timeless Beauty: The 1955 Chrysler 300

If there’s a Chrysler that stands above all others, that grips emotions like few other cars can, and that has a history as rich as the Hemi V8 that powers it, that Chrysler would have to be the 300.

The original Chrysler 300 was the brainchild of Robert MacGregor Rodger, Chrysler’s Chief Engineer in the 1950s. He envisioned a car that would be worthy of the all-new Hemi V8, modified with redesigned lifters and dual carburetors.

The Hemi had only been introduced in ’51, but the engineers at Chrysler were confident that they could produce 300hp from a standard configuration, and they weren’t wrong. (more…)


5 Chrome Plating Classic Car Projects

Custom Chrome Plating the Classics

Highly decorative, protective, and with the ability to transform your classic automobile in to a true head turner, chrome plating your rims and other hardware is a project worth doing. If you’re the owner of a classic car, there’s unlimited potential to restore and add style with chrome. Classic Components Inc. is the perfect detailer to reveal the looks that your vehicle deserves. Let’s take a look at three of our recent projects. Who knows, maybe yours could be next?



Do Your Wheels Need Rim Repair?

Your rims are one of the most important parts on any vehicle you own. They are also the part that is exposed to the most harmful conditions on a regular basis. With today’s DOT crews using ever more corrosive and harmful chemicals like brine and salt to maintain our roadways the likelihood of damage to your rims both cosmetic and structural is greatly increased. Couple the corrosion on your rims with a “curb check” and the result can be disastrous. (more…)


One of the more common auto transformations is to have the wheels changed from stock to chrome plating. This process involves applying chrome over an aluminum alloy wheel. Seeing as chrome will not stick to aluminum by itself and different metals often corrode when they make contact with other materials, it has been discovered that the use of nickel and copper plate will allow the chrome to stick to and stay in place with aluminum and not get corroded. (more…)


Are you tired of that blinged out chrome plating look? Black chrome wheels are always an alternative that gives your bike a darker shine. Black chrome wheels work especially well when your bike has darker color schemes like it did with the customer’s bike below.

Dale B. took 1st and 3rd place in a contest a couple of years ago with the help of CCI’s black chrome plating service. Like our regular chrome plating, black chrome is scratch resistant and protects your rims, but now your bike will have an original look. Check out Dale’s before and after pics.

Black Chrome Wheels

Black Chrome Motorcycle Rims


We always stand behind our chrome plating services at Classic Components Inc. The words show quality chrome plating are not just words to us, they are at the heart of our core values. However it is always great when we are asked to be a part to of great bike builds that get a lot of recognition.

Mad Wheels Inc. took home two of the three Baddest Baggers of the year from American Bagger Magazine. The past several months has seen a lot of custom bagger parts and requests to chrome plate bagger rims as everyone gets prepared for bike weeks across the country. Custom Baggers are more popular than ever and they keep getting more and more extreme and unique. Mad Wheels Inc., really thought outside the box with these two award winners. Check out the old school Knuckle Dragger sporting a 30” rim with CCI’s chrome plating complete with a white wall beauty ring. I love those white walls! The Sturgis crowd did too, as the Knuckle Dragger took home first place. Mad Wheels took it to the extreme for the Galveston, Texas show with it copper plated Rat Bike with a huge copper plated front rim from CCI.

We are proud to have to been a part of these great custom bikes, which represent some very original ideas. Chrome rim restoration for your Harley bagger parts and rims is as simple as a quick phone call to CCI at (888) 327-4189.

Custom Bagger Parts

Chrome Harley Wheels