The chrome plating process is different for each shop. We’ve developed our process over 75 years of combined experience to give our clients maximum quality. Learn more about our process below.

The Process of Chrome Plating

There are 24 steps in the process we use to process chrome plating. We use chromium, copper, and two types of nickel as material in the procedure. The combination of these quality materials, along with our thorough process, ensures that the chrome plating job we complete for you is the absolute best.

We can offer Black Chrome plating for you if you wish to have a black finish on your wheels.

Why Many People Are Attracted to Chrome Plating

Chrome plating makes your motorcycle look good with its mirror finish and shine. We’ve seen many customers and our own rides win competitions and receive comments on the beauty of the shine and finish.

Years ago, I saw a custom built Chopper that was completely plated in chrome. At that time it was very difficult to find chrome parts in community bike parts shops. To get chrome parts on your bike, you had to remove parts from your own bike, scrub it clean, and have it chrome plated at a bumper re-chroming place.

Over the years, the process has become more convenient and chrome plating shops like ours follow strict environmental standards. We enjoy hearing feedback from customers when they get their chrome wheels or parts back from the shop.

A proper chrome plating job leaves your parts with a thin but durable layer of the gorgeous shiny material. If you are looking for a place that does the job right, contact us.


Top Common Mistakes in Chrome Plating

Top Mistakes People Make in Chrome PlatingThe art of chrome plating is not one to be left to just any amateur. The intricate process consists of electroplating a thin layer of chromium to a clean piece of metal. In its most basic form, chromium is used for two main purposes: industrial (or Hard Chrome) and decorative. Decorative chrome can be customized and tailored to embellish vehicle accessories; this is the most common variation of decorative chrome, which can be found on the majority of truck accessories.

Mistakes People Make with Chrome Plating

Some costly reoccurring mistakes people make include bringing in pitted pieces of die-cast, such as quarter windows or wing window frames, to be plated in chrome. The plating loses definition when a shop has to grind away pitting and also requires the shop to put in several more prep hours to get the job done. In addition, when new chrome is added to die-cast, it is more likely to pit due to the contamination of the older metal. It is also important to consider that outside elements such as moisture and road salt may cause corrosion, and inevitably pitting.

Choosing the Right Chrome Plating Shop

When considering having chrome added to your accessories, it is essential to consider doing in depth research on chrome plating shops instead of solely depending on word of mouth. It is best to consider referrals and online reviews when choosing your shop. Perhaps scoping out examples of a chrome plating shop’s chrome work will allow you to make a better decision of which shop to have your chrome projects done.