Chrome plating wheels can enhance the value and looks of your vehicle. The difference between a run of the mill chrome plating service and top of the line service is the ability to chrome a variety of wheel styles. We chrome most after market and original equipment wheels. We may be able to help you with special styles such as two-piece wheels-give us a call. Re-chroming wheels is an option.

What Are OEM Wheels?

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) wheels are quality products that companies such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz stake their reputation on. Millions of dollars in research and development ensures quality that meets government standards. High customer expectations and the reputation of the brand depend on the safety and dependability of the product. You can depend on factory (OEM) wheels to perform on your car day in and day out.

What Are Chrome OEM Wheels?

Chrome OEM wheels are generally steel wheels that have been plated. Often there are several different metals plated in succession with the final layer being chrome. This gives the OEM chrome wheel a bright mirror like finish. If the wheel is damaged then the repair process will include re-chroming. This can lead to a heavier wheel and may affect performance.

Use Caution with After Market Wheels

Many after market manufacturers produce replacements that may look attractive. Use caution since many are made of inferior materials. Although they claim to use the same materials many use weaker thinner aluminum and cannot support the weight of the automobile. We have seen many of these products bend and crack. Use extreme caution if you choose after market products.

OEM Polished Wheels

Another attractive option is OEM polished wheels. These wheels are carefully sanded and polished aluminum. This shiny colorful finish is quite attractive but is less durable due to the lack of a protective coating. We can repair this by sanding and polishing. The cost is less than chrome plating wheels and maintains weight and performance.

Regular maintenance is required for all types of wheels to keep appearance and prevent corrosion. The polished wheels will require more attention since they do not have a protective coating.

Classic Chrome Plating has over 75 years of combined experience. As a nationwide leader our projects been featured in television and magazines. Our 24-step process ensures you receive top notch quality show finish on motorcycles, automotive and classic car chrome plating. Our superior customer service makes it easy. Contact us today.


New Chrome Wheels Made For A Very Happy Client

A customer wrote about their experience with us in the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club newsletter. Here’s what they have to say:

Getting Chrome Wheels

Rechroming Wheels with Curb Rash
Deanie and I wanted to rechrome the wheels on Deanie’s 2007 XJ8L sedan. In every concours we entered in Deanie’s XJ8L, we were docked for the curb rash on all five wheels. Although we couldn’t figure how the previous owner curbed all the wheels, even the spare, we decided to have the wheels fixed and rechromed.




I called Frank Oakley right here in Denver only to find out he does not offer a chroming service. I tried Colorado Springs since they were recommended and found out there was a wait of a couple months. Finally, I found Classic Chrome Plating online and they could take care of all five of the wheels for $800 plus shipping. About half of what the other places wanted. I figured that was a great deal.

Shipping And Chrome Plating Wheels

Chrome Plating Wheels After Wheel Repair & Rechrome

First I had to ship them the wheels. I tried a lot of different kinds of shipping options, but insurance was $150 per wheel so I decided to make the fifteen-hour drive to Los Angeles and save us the cost. It only took ten days to get the wheels back and they were beautiful.

They gave us a great rate and shipped them back for $150 for all five of the chrome plating wheels. Since they have a tank for chroming and EPA regulations are rough, I really recommend them. The can do bumpers and all kinds of chrome parts too. Deanie was sure happy with the way the car looked with those wheels.


History of the Harley Sportbike

The Harley Sportbike is one of the manufacturer’s more popular line of motorcycles. Since 1952, the company has worked to expand this line of vehicles. This started when they were rolling out the line that included the K, KK, KH and the KHK. While some variances in fenders, frames and gas tanks have occurred over the years, the Sportsbike hasn’t ever really experienced a major overhaul. (more…)


Benefits to Chrome Plating Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle owners are familiar with the term chrome plating. This is a process of applying a thin layer of chromium onto metallic or plastic parts of your motorcycle.

“Chromed” motorcycles look really bright and shiny. If you pass by motorcycles and see some parts that seem to look like mirrors, you can bet that those are chrome plated. (more…)


We always stand behind our chrome plating services at Classic Components Inc. The words show quality chrome plating are not just words to us, they are at the heart of our core values. However it is always great when we are asked to be a part to of great bike builds that get a lot of recognition.

Mad Wheels Inc. took home two of the three Baddest Baggers of the year from American Bagger Magazine. The past several months has seen a lot of custom bagger parts and requests to chrome plate bagger rims as everyone gets prepared for bike weeks across the country. Custom Baggers are more popular than ever and they keep getting more and more extreme and unique. Mad Wheels Inc., really thought outside the box with these two award winners. Check out the old school Knuckle Dragger sporting a 30” rim with CCI’s chrome plating complete with a white wall beauty ring. I love those white walls! The Sturgis crowd did too, as the Knuckle Dragger took home first place. Mad Wheels took it to the extreme for the Galveston, Texas show with it copper plated Rat Bike with a huge copper plated front rim from CCI.

We are proud to have to been a part of these great custom bikes, which represent some very original ideas. Chrome rim restoration for your Harley bagger parts and rims is as simple as a quick phone call to CCI at (888) 327-4189.

Custom Bagger Parts

Chrome Harley Wheels