Chrome rims have been one of the more sought after car accessories for years now. What makes these car accessories so popular is how they add to the attractiveness and allure of any kind of vehicle. Nothing beats a fresh pair of chrome rims in good shape on a nice ride.

Do You Restore Chrome Rims or Replace?

However, if the chrome rims are severely damaged, they can really make a nice vehicle look bad, or are not even usable. When this happens, some individuals go purchase another set because of how difficult it can be to restore or how expensive and time consuming the whole process can be. The reason why chrome rims are so much tougher to restore than standard rims is because they are plated instead of painted.

Chrome rims are installed on top of the aluminum alloy wheel, most often with a zinc and copper plate in between the two dissimilar metals. Why a zinc and copper plate? Because dissimilar metals corrode when they are in contact with each other, and the zinc and copper plate placed in the middle enables the chrome to adhere to the aluminum instead of corrode.

Chrome Rim Restoration is an Option

If corrosion does occur, chrome rim restoration is a plausible option. There is a 7-step process Classic Chrome Plating takes to ensure a restoration is top-notch. The process includes re-chroming the wheels or parts once it has been repaired.
Hopefully the deterioration isn’t so damaging, and you can send it to our rim repair shop to be welded, repaired, and straightened out by before being electroplated with chrome. We can review the damage to tell you if there’s possible hope for restoration since we specialize in rim repair and re-chroming.


Some damaged wheels can be repaired. Consumers need to know what type of wheel damage is repairable in order to save money on replacements and how to avoid damaging your wheels.

How to Avoid Damaging Wheels

Drivers should avoid damaging wheels when possible. This means avoiding potholes and other obstructions that normally damage tires. This includes driver activity like scraping wheel on curbs.

A lesser-known method for avoiding wheel damage is to maintain the proper tire pressure especially in lower profile tires. This action will also improve gas mileage, handling and reduce tire wear. Reducing tire wears means that the owner will have to replace the expensive tires less often.

Have Your Rims Inspected to Avoid Damage

People should have their rims inspected periodically because some damage is unavoidable. However, most damage is repairable. This is true even if a significant amount of metal is missing.

How Wheels are Repaired with Chrome Rim Restoration

Small incursions are repaired with welding techniques. These techniques are also utilized in damage resulting from worn rims or potholes. The most common form of welding rims is Aluminum TIG welding, but some damage is too dangerous to repair. Rims with multiple cracks or fractures on the scope of the rime are unsuitable for repair and must be replaced.

Economical Alternatives if Your Wheel is Damaged Beyond Repair

Economical alternatives to full replacements are aftermarket wheels. Places with frigid climates that propagate many potholes may be unsuitable for the lowest profile tires and largest diameter rims because more cushion is needed to absorb the rough driving conditions. Be sure to consult professionals when considering new wheels to be sure that installations do not affect vulnerable parts of the vehicle like the brakes and suspension.

Let Classic Chrome Plating handle your chrome rim restoration. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189.


Chrome wheels will lose some of their splendid appearance with the passage of time. From slight wear to serious deterioration, chrome wheels will sooner or later need a professional touch.

Chrome rim restoration is much more affordable than buying new wheels, which is why many people opt for the procedure.

It’s important to keep in mind that chrome rim repairs are highly specialized. A number of steps have to be followed for the processing of a wheel that is already chrome plated. Thus, finding the right experts for the job will be determining for the outcome. (more…)


Chrome wheels need a little restoration for them to look good as new. However, there are times that damages need repair. That is why having chrome rim repair by a professional helps restore your rims to their original performance. (more…)


We always stand behind our chrome plating services at Classic Components Inc. The words show quality chrome plating are not just words to us, they are at the heart of our core values. However it is always great when we are asked to be a part to of great bike builds that get a lot of recognition.

Mad Wheels Inc. took home two of the three Baddest Baggers of the year from American Bagger Magazine. The past several months has seen a lot of custom bagger parts and requests to chrome plate bagger rims as everyone gets prepared for bike weeks across the country. Custom Baggers are more popular than ever and they keep getting more and more extreme and unique. Mad Wheels Inc., really thought outside the box with these two award winners. Check out the old school Knuckle Dragger sporting a 30” rim with CCI’s chrome plating complete with a white wall beauty ring. I love those white walls! The Sturgis crowd did too, as the Knuckle Dragger took home first place. Mad Wheels took it to the extreme for the Galveston, Texas show with it copper plated Rat Bike with a huge copper plated front rim from CCI.

We are proud to have to been a part of these great custom bikes, which represent some very original ideas. Chrome rim restoration for your Harley bagger parts and rims is as simple as a quick phone call to CCI at (888) 327-4189.

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