– More Thor: The biggest truck motor…Ever!

Check out these project updates on Big Mike’s Thor project!  We just completed the huge header pipes in nickel plating and chrome plated additional motor covers >>>


When trucking and construction mogul Mike Harrah needed some chrome work on his latest pet project, who did he go to?  Why South Bay Chrome, of course!  Thor is the name of what will some day most likely be the biggest semi-truck motor known to man!

This thing has 24 cylinders, 1,704 cubic inches, 12 GMC superchargers (blowers), 8 nitrous bottles and it runs!  Why build such a beast?  “Because I can,” Harrah says.  There’s no other reason to take a 24V71 and build an intake manifold that weighs 1,000 pounds and mount eight 6-71 superchargers on top of four others.  This is a V24 Detroit Diesel (normally used to power ships) which is two V12 Detroits joined together nose to nose with splined cranks. 

This Peterbilt semi-truck will some day be on the show circuit but it’s no trailer queen.  There’s already a YouTube video showing when they started this thing up for the first time!  He claims the motor makes more than 3,400 hp and with the Allison transmission, the whole thing weighs over 9,800 pounds.  Of course, the “stretched” cab will house some insane creature comforts as well including a huge flat screen and luxurious traveling compartments.

This mammoth has already been featured in Hot Rod magazine and we will continue to provide updates as Mike’s team moves forward with Thor’s completion.  Mike Harrah, who owns several properties in the local Santa Ana area, was nice enough to provide some early stage photos of the project and the first bit of our completed chrome work.  Stay tuned!