Fix Deteriorating Rims with Chrome Wheel Repair

Rims that have been chrome plated are increasing in popularity all the time because they are attractive and reflective. When they are new, they look attractive and nearly perfect in every detail. Once they’ve begun to wear the glamor is gone and in its place is a veritable eyesore that needs to be corrected.

What causes the deterioration of chrome wheels?

The normal wear and tear that takes place on the roadway is just one reason that your gorgeous chrome wheels begin to show signs of decay. Chrome rims are plated, not painted so they are more difficult to refinish and may wear down more rapidly.

What happens is that when you are driving, gravel or stones from the roadway is kicked up and it hits the wheels, causing small abrasions to take place. The abrasions take place in the barrel of the rim as well as on the face of it. On top of that the movement of the tire on the rim will cause deterioration too. Even more, salt on the roadway takes away from it too.

Repair Your Chrome Wheels

Repairing chrome wheels or chrome rim repair is possible, and if you catch them in time the odds are good that it won’t be as expensive as you thought it might be. Rim repair starts with sand blasting, shot blasting and then smoothing out the damages that have taken place Once that is done, you’ll get the wheels replated with copper and zinc so that the chrome will hold and then the chrome is added over the top.

All on all there isn’t a great deal of cost that goes into the repair of your chrome wheels. Chrome rim repair is fairly cost effective and it can be done relatively quickly. Bear in mind that the faster you catch the damage the less cost and time will be incurred by you when it comes time for the repair.


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It’s a common question in chrome wheel repair. Can pitting and deteriorating rims be repaired? Technically, the answer is yes. However, that doesn’t make the repair a simple one. The problem is chrome rims have plating on them. That means to repair them there is a long, drawn out process to achieve these repairs. There are also regulations in place by the EPA, which regulates this process due to environmental hazards. (more…)


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Do Your Wheels Need Rim Repair?

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