Ever since the first C1 Sting Ray was introduced to the public in 1953 at a New York City auto show, Corvette enthusiasts have anxiously looked forward to the release of each new model along with collecting older Corvettes.

One thing that all enthusiasts adore about the car is the sound of the Chevrolet Corvette engine when it purrs to life. In order to achieve the desired custom look, many enthusiasts perform custom Corvette exhaust system work along with accessorizing the car.

Custom Chrome Plating Work on the Exhaust

In most models, the exhaust system is not routinely seen because the Corvette bumper hides it. That is why some owners choose to install shiny chrome exhaust tips.

When choosing to refurbish the tips, tubes, mufflers and other exhaust parts on the Chevy Corvette consider OEM parts or top name manufacturers. Do not feel trapped into using genuine Corvette parts, as these parts are specifically designed to fit most Corvettes. In fact, they will usually improve torque and horsepower.

Corvette Car Parts for a Custom Look

State and federal emission regulations have become an industry nightmare and it is no different with Corvette. The result is that many owners are not satisfied with the sound of the exhaust system that comes on the vehicle.

The great news for these owners is that there are numerous after-market Corvette car parts in a variety of materials including stainless steel, chrome plating and durable carbon fiber. Installing one of these performance exhaust systems make sure to choose the specific exhaust parts for your Corvette.

When you do get your Corvette parts chrome plated, you may be amazed at the outstanding performance you get. You may also hear other adoring fans raving about the looks of your Corvette.