– 1949 Buick Grill Restoration

What do you do when a high profile client hands you a pot metal/die cast grill he wants restored in three days for a car show?  Well, at first we tried to talk him out of it.  After attempting to purchase a reproduction grill for his 1949 Buick, the customer called back and demanded we think outside the box to meet his deadline.  As part of the restoration process, zinc die cast/pot metal usually requires major solder and repair work to fill all the pits followed by multiple copper layers and sanding.

We weren’t sure it would work but we had nothing to lose.  Instead of stripping and sand blasting the part, we prepped the existing surface and applied our proprietary metalized coating.  This allowed Classic Components to process the grill without the need to strip the part and expose the surface to the customary repair work.  Not only did this turn a two week job into a quick project, it actually saved the customer money.  Normally, a die cast grill like this would cost a few thousand bucks to restore but not in this case.  And check out the result… he better win first place at the show!

Die cast pot metal grill by Classic Components Inc.