Benefits to Chrome Plating Car Part SurfacesWhen resurfacing a product or building something new, there are many different options you can use for the surface of the product. Chromium plating, also known as hard chrome plating, is an excellent surface option. There are a few benefits as to why you may want to consider using custom chrome plating for your product.


Once the chromium plating hardens on the surface the inside of the product will be protected from moisture. Chromium plating, once harden, becomes resistant to water and rust. There are many products that would become damaged and useless if it got even the tiniest bit of water inside of it. By using chrome plating many products would not have to use other ways to protect their insides to keep them in working condition. This helps the product be durable and longer lasting.


When chrome plating is used, the surface of the product will look wonderful. The surface will have a smooth and shiny look to it, no matter what color the product may be. There are many different types of products where a smooth and shiny surface will attract buyers and repeat buyers of it.


If a car part is made smaller than what it should be, like by an eighth of an inch, chrome plating can help fix the problem. When this is done the car part would not have to be remade from scratch. Many chrome plating car parts will last longer than other types since chrome plating resists water and rust longer than other car part types.


Many industries have made great use of the custom chrome plating trend, but none more than the automotive industry. Metals used to be the go-to, but they added a lot of weight and cost to the process. Plastics coated with custom chrome plating, however, are much more cost effective and give that brilliant shine as well. This is a great advantage to have cost wise, since you get the flexibility of plastic and the shine and easy cleanup of metal. Since the mid-1970’s, the auto industry has been on the forefront of chrome plating, where heavy metals used to be the norm.

Chrome Plating Household Fixtures

Chrome plating is almost everywhere today. From the faucets and fixtures in the house, to the shiny bits and pieces on our lovely vehicles, chrome is commonplace now. With the added ability to treat plastics with a chromic-acid solution, and then plate them with chrome, you have a huge range of uses here.

Many household items and fixtures are made from chromed plastics. Your towel rack, faucet handles, light fixtures and switches, and the list keeps going on. Companies that specialize in plastic and metal plating can typically plate any item you wish as long as it is the proper material.

Chrome Increases Plastic and Metal’s Durability

Since the chrome increases the durability of either metals or plastics, it is ideal. It will save money on upkeep and on replacement parts or materials. The fact that it is so capable with plastics makes it a dream come true for manufacturers and the folks that pay for it.


Have you noticed the custom projects on the streets lately? Car and motorcycle owners are taking creativity to the next level. Chrome by itself is highly decorative. When paired with candy chrome for rims and parts, your car or motorcycle can take on a whole new look. There’s unlimited potential to create the style you want.

Recently, a chromed Porsche 911 GT2 was filmed in London. The chrome wrap on the body of the car gives it a pristine shine while the candy chrome red wheels and parts stand out.

Here’s some recent projects we’ve completed that you can use to spark inspiration for your project:

Robert’s Triumph Thunderbird

Robert’s Triumph Thunderbird is spectacular even without chrome. With chrome wheels, the look of the entire bike comes together as impressive to view. Robert was happy with the work. Adding the chrome plating to the rims was the key to the shine and beauty his Thunderbird displays now.

Wheeler Dealers 1952 Desoto Firedome

We were so honored to work with the team at Wheeler Dealers. Host, Mike Brewer and his team visited us with several parts. We restored the front and rear bumpers, bezels from the taillights, and parts of the grill. Our own sales manager, Mike Sickels, discussed the chrome plating process on the show. The end result was a beautiful chromed out Desoto.

Mini Cooper Chrome Project

Who says classic cars are the only ones that need chrome? Rod M. brought us his wheels and parts to chrome. His blue, Mini Cooper shines in Ventura County with this recent chrome project.
If you’re looking for a custom chrome plating and powder coating job for your project that is exactly what we do. Bring us your parts and wheels and we’ll take care of the rest.


Timeless Beauty: The 1955 Chrysler 300

If there’s a Chrysler that stands above all others, that grips emotions like few other cars can, and that has a history as rich as the Hemi V8 that powers it, that Chrysler would have to be the 300.

The original Chrysler 300 was the brainchild of Robert MacGregor Rodger, Chrysler’s Chief Engineer in the 1950s. He envisioned a car that would be worthy of the all-new Hemi V8, modified with redesigned lifters and dual carburetors.

The Hemi had only been introduced in ’51, but the engineers at Chrysler were confident that they could produce 300hp from a standard configuration, and they weren’t wrong. (more…)


The Top 4 Custom Chrome Plating Projects

The decline of chromium plating in the United States has paved the way for the most reputable and the most experienced of shops to shine, and you can be rest assured that chrome plating is still very much alive. If you are not familiar, chrome plating actually enables a piece of metal to be outfitted with a chrome covering to add both durability and a better aesthetic. Once the piece of metal is cleaned, it will be able to accept the chromium and this plating will serve a number of different purposes, from protecting the metal beneath, to simply being a decorative addition. (more…)


5 Chrome Plating Classic Car Projects

Custom Chrome Plating the Classics

Highly decorative, protective, and with the ability to transform your classic automobile in to a true head turner, chrome plating your rims and other hardware is a project worth doing. If you’re the owner of a classic car, there’s unlimited potential to restore and add style with chrome. Classic Components Inc. is the perfect detailer to reveal the looks that your vehicle deserves. Let’s take a look at three of our recent projects. Who knows, maybe yours could be next?



Classic Chrome Plating was recently given the task of chrome plating some molded urethane parts made to resemble a cross section of a railroad track for a local surf contest at Trestles Beach in south Orange County, CA.   In addition to great surf, the beach is known for the trains that run along the area’s coastline and the artist, Steve Gaskey, was commissioned to design the train-themed trophies for the Hurley Pro surf contest.  As you can see, after we were able to metalize and chrome plate the urethane, Steve painted the cross sections to look like rusted metal and then placed them on custom wood bases to complete the trophies.  Very cool idea for a trophy indeed!


– Another Happy Bagger

Thank you, Larry R. from Bozeman, Montana for these great pics of your custom bagger.  The bike, paint and chrome look great (not to mention that blonde!).  Larry’s bike was also recently featured in American Bagger magazine.  Thanks also to 24 Clicks Photography for the great shots.  


– Vegas Fury: Before and After

Thank you Perry A. from Las Vegas, Nevada for sending these before and after pictures of your Honda Fury.  Classic Components chrome plated the wheels, forks, switch housings and handlebar risers.  The bike is seriously tranformed into a custom chopper look by adding these few touches.  In the sunshine of Vegas, this bike is sure to get a lot of attention!



– More Thor: The biggest truck motor…Ever!

Check out these project updates on Big Mike’s Thor project!  We just completed the huge header pipes in nickel plating and chrome plated additional motor covers >>>


When trucking and construction mogul Mike Harrah needed some chrome work on his latest pet project, who did he go to?  Why South Bay Chrome, of course!  Thor is the name of what will some day most likely be the biggest semi-truck motor known to man!

This thing has 24 cylinders, 1,704 cubic inches, 12 GMC superchargers (blowers), 8 nitrous bottles and it runs!  Why build such a beast?  “Because I can,” Harrah says.  There’s no other reason to take a 24V71 and build an intake manifold that weighs 1,000 pounds and mount eight 6-71 superchargers on top of four others.  This is a V24 Detroit Diesel (normally used to power ships) which is two V12 Detroits joined together nose to nose with splined cranks. 

This Peterbilt semi-truck will some day be on the show circuit but it’s no trailer queen.  There’s already a YouTube video showing when they started this thing up for the first time!  He claims the motor makes more than 3,400 hp and with the Allison transmission, the whole thing weighs over 9,800 pounds.  Of course, the “stretched” cab will house some insane creature comforts as well including a huge flat screen and luxurious traveling compartments.

This mammoth has already been featured in Hot Rod magazine and we will continue to provide updates as Mike’s team moves forward with Thor’s completion.  Mike Harrah, who owns several properties in the local Santa Ana area, was nice enough to provide some early stage photos of the project and the first bit of our completed chrome work.  Stay tuned!