Chrome plating uses the process of electroplating to seal an underlying metal with a thin layer of chromium. Although some use chrome plating for decorative purposes, it serves as a layer of protection for the metal underneath. Often chrome is applied to metal parts or areas that are susceptible to corrosion or damage.

The Process of Chrome Plating – Cleaning

A chrome plating service is a five-step process. In the first stage, it is important to pay attention to the metal receiving the treatment. Grease will be removed from the metal by way of chemicals, ensuring that the surface doesn’t have any residue or materials that would keep the chrome from taking. In addition, a thorough cleaning to remove any residue including dirt particles that might affect how the process holds up over time will follow the degreasing.

The Process of Chrome Plating – Treatment

In the third stage of the process, the chrome plating company will put the base metal through a series of treatments. Treating the metal will smooth the surface. This step is important because the metal must be as smooth as possible to improve the durability of the chrome. The goal is to make the chrome plating service as effective as possible to protect the metal and minimize re-application. Once the metal has been properly smoothed, it is placed in a vat for the application of the pretreatment solution. While in the vat, the metal can be slowly warmed up to the target temperature.

The Process of Chrome Plating – Final Stages

The final stage involves the actual plating of the metal. In essence, allowing the metal to sit in the vat with the chromium components does this. The components will etch their way into the metal. The desired thickness of the chrome plate will determine how long the metal should be left in the vat.

When done to industry standards, proper chrome plating will last for many years. They serve to enhance the aesthetics of a piece and prepare it to survive many years to come. Metal bumpers, sink faucets, and other chrome fixtures will look great and protect the metal for many years with only basic maintenance.