image_1Entering your Suzuki Hayabusa into a competition soon?

Want to know what may be the deciding factor between winning and losing?

It could just be whether or not your wheels are chrome plated.


Chrome Parts Sets Your Hayabusa Apart from the Others

The standard look of a Suzuki Hayabusa is sleek. With chrome plated parts and wheels, this motorcycle’s appearance and style is propelled to a higher level.

The entire look of the motorcycle is enhanced. Chrome stands out as it catches glints of light on accent pieces and wheels.

Customizing a bike’s parts and wheels includes chroming key features, such as trimming, deflectors, caps, covers, and more.

Chrome Plating on Wheels Could Be the Deciding Factor

image_2Your wheels made the difference in me taking 1st and 3rd place, that I am sure of. Thanks Mike for the great looking wheels!

Getting chrome plating added to your wheels to give your Hayabusa the look that can win a competition.

It’s easy to get chrome plated wheels with us. We have a chrome wheel exchange program. You have two options in the program to get chrome plated wheels.

You can pay a deposit and request to have the wheels sent to your location. We ship them the next business day. We have more than 300 brands in stock. Then you send us your stock wheels.

You could also choose to send us your wheels first and not pay a deposit. Then we ship the chrome wheels to you.