Wheels: Bright Chrome and Beyond

Classic Components, Inc. offers comprehensive, high quality automotive and motorcycle wheel chrome plating service, including bright chrome, black chrome and powder coated finishes.

Santa Ana, CA – August 25, 2014 – Wheels are a visual focal point of a car or motorcycle, and owners spend a lot of cash to get just the right look for their machines. But wheels take a beating in regular use. From potholes and other road hazards to plain old curb rash, wheels over time can become ragged-looking and most importantly, unsafe when they are no longer true or are otherwise damaged. Classic Components announces its full-service wheel chrome plating services portfolio to serve all of your wheel needs.

Wheel Repair

Before the finish on a wheel can be considered, any damage or visual dings on the wheel must be addressed and the wheel brought into spec. Wheel repair and re-plating will generally save money compared to the cost of a new wheel.

“Our experienced staff is second to none,” said Gary Glass, Classic Components Vice President. “We use the newest technological methods along with the latest equipment to ensure that our customers’ wheels are functionally safe and expertly restored with a perfect finish.”

Wheel Balance and Check

Chrome Plating

Bright Chrome, Black Chrome – while bright chrome remains the standard that most car and motorcycle owners strive for, dark finishes . . . and colors have become popular in recent years for both cars and motorcycles. Black chrome has been around for years. Much of what passes for black chrome is actually oxidized nickel plating that requires a clear coat to prevent discoloration and further oxidation of the finish. Classic Components offers true black chrome plating. The CCI black chrome finish has several advantages:

–      Black chrome finish does not require a clear coat for protection.
–      The CCI black chrome process can cover hard to reach areas and parts that are normally difficult to chrome plate.
–      Parts that are currently finished in bright chrome and are in good condition can be partially stripped and black chrome plated without the need to purchase new parts.

Classic Components is currently offering black chrome on wheels, parts, frames and swing arms.

Harley Davidson in Black Chrome  Black Chrome Wheel

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Powder Coating

Powder coating and “candy chrome” open new design opportunities with bright, vivid colors for wheels as well as other products, such as chassis and suspension components. Combinations of power coating and plating can also yield spectacular results. Classic Components Powder coating offers several advantages. The process is environmentally friendly because it does not use harsh solvents, providing a lighter environmental footprint compared with other methods.

Motorcycle wheels, candy chrome and black chrome

Candy chrome coating is an excellent finish for rims, motorcycle parts, and more. It acts as a shield for your motorcycle powder coating, car, or rims. This form of coating is durable and resistant to scrapes, scratches, and every day wear and tear. You can also choose from a variety of different colors and finishes. It is also more resistant to issues such as moisture, chemicals, and the sun so fading is not an issue when it comes to powder coating. Classic Components provides service across the United States and has the resources and skills to restore your wheels to like-new condition.

Chrome Exchange

CCI provides very rapid turnaround for its plating services. But to speed the response even more, the company offers a motorcycle wheel exchange program, in which customers can send in their wheels for an immediate exchange for a fresh set of wheels. CCI stocks over 300 sets of chrome wheels for many popular types of motorcycles, including sportbike, Harley Davidson and metric cruiser.

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About Classic Components

Classic Components, Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience in chrome plating service. Contact us for your project. Whether you need black chrome wheels, custom powder coating, restoration services or wheel repair, we provide fast, quality service for all of your chrome plating projects. We also offer a wheel exchange for chrome plating wheels with over 300 motorcycle wheels in stock.