Chrome wheels can instantly give a sports bike or a cruiser more class. However, the process of finding a proper wheel at a good price can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, because several procedures must be implemented when selecting certain wheels, the shopping process can be confusing too. If you cannot find a quality wheel, this guide will help you choose an ideal wheel for your bike.

In Stock Chrome Plated Wheels

CCI offers more than 300 sets of wheels that have chrome finishes. If you contact us, we will have a good option for you in stock. Our staff sells chrome wheels for Harley Davidson bikes and other popular brands.

Participate in the Chrome Wheel Exchange Program

Our company has a chrome wheel exchange program. Consumers can participate by following a few simple steps.

The first method involves calling us and making a simple deposit. We always ship our products on the day that we get the cash. However, when you receive your tires, the deposit will be refunded.

If you prefer another method, we can send you the tires first without a deposit. However, you must request our exchange service when you fill out the order form. Our staff will ship the chrome wheels the next business day after the application process is completed.

Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Exchange – Our Terms

Consumers who use our wheel exchange service pay a $50 fee. For another $15, our team can remove the bearings on every wheel. Our staff will only process wheels that have no physical damage. All exchanges must be processed no later than 20 business days.

Let Classic Chrome Plating help you get the wheels you need for summer riding. Call us toll free at 888-327-4189 for our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program.

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