The Plating Process for Black Chrome

When consumers update their bikes with a material that has a distinct finish, they usually buy black chrome plating. The chrome has a reflective look, which provides a lot of depth. Typically, most motorcycle enthusiasts apply the plating on wheels and on exhaust pipes because the installation cost is low. Besides bikes, this kind of plating can be applied to household fixtures and novelty gadgets, such as a telescope.

The Plating Process for Black Chrome

The first procedures are implemented when the plating doesn’t have its black color because the surfaces must be cleaned and prepped inside of an electrostatic cleansing device. During this stage of the manufacturing process, copper and nickel materials are attached to the surfaces. The black chrome plating is applied to the metal at the end of the plating process.

The black tint occurs after the chemical compounds are modified. All materials are hazardous, so workers must use special equipment to manufacture black chrome plating wheels. Because the machinery is not cheap, retailers usually sell black chrome plating at high prices.

Consumers who cannot afford black chrome plating can give their bikes a glossy black look by pursuing alternative options. Painting the wheels is the cheapest solution. However, you must buff each layer so that the wheels will have a smooth finish. The only disadvantage is the paint will not remain on the wheels for a long time.

To achieve the best results, you must repaint the wheels whenever the paint begins to flake. If you have good automotive skills, you should apply a powder coating because it is a more efficient solution.

How to Get Black Chrome Plating Wheels

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