Bad Material Info

A Note Regarding Casting Pits and Metal Imperfections

Classic Components makes every effort to avoid processing wheels and parts that contain blemishes or imperfections. Unfortunately, cast aluminum is prone to this problem and we cannot guarantee your finished product will be completely free of any casting pits or irregularities. Cast wheels and components are manufactured from melted aluminum being poured into a mold where it remains until it hardens. During this process, defects occur leaving voids or pits in the finished product that often do not appear until we begin processing.

In the event serious imperfections are noted, we will make every attempt to stop plating your items and notify you. When common casting problems exist however, we will proceed with the plating process as usual.

Thank you for your cooperation and please let us know if you have any questions.


(Pictures of a New Wheel After Initial Paint Strip Operation: Casting Imperfections Visible)

Casting pit on parts waiting for chrome plating serviceCasting pits on parts waiting for custom chrome plating